February 12, 2016

Top Three

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{Peta Stickers}

This was a very stressful but beautiful week. The temperature has been getting higher and it looks/feels like winter is over with... Hello Spring! So this weekend is of course Valentine's Day weekend and then Presidents' Day. But in the note of Valentine's Day, I can see some people already getting sour about it... Why? Us as women need to remember that we are queens everyday. So don't let one day define your worth. I have know clue what we are doing and to be completely honest it's not really a big deal to me. We might just cook dinner and watch movies... Sounds romantic to me! 

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{Almond Blossom Tree Bloomed}

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{Fifth Harmony on Seventeen Magazine}

February 11, 2016

Fake Nail It or Nah

fake nail it or nah

I used to not be a huge fake nail person and I'm still not. It's just as I started to get older and wanted to look more put together, Fake nails became more of my thing, sometimes. A lot of people would ask, "how come I don't just paint your real nails?" But if you really look at my real nails, it would be like painting a child's finger nails... Not cute on a person my age... Trust me!
Last year I did a blog post called, "Impress With Your At Home Manicure" it was a post featuring Impress Press-on Nails and I love that brand and nails to death! They are so easy to apply and they look natural and stylish. So after I tried the both sets I had... This was a span of two weeks, since the nails only last a week on. I decided to go to a shop and get my nails done. Long story short because I think I should make a story time video or blog post about this because it's very serious and a lot of people need to be aware... my nails turned green! Yes, yellowish green and smelt. It wasn't all of my nails, thank god but it was 4 of them. Since then I haven't applied anything on to my nails, since I was so horrified by that whole experience. But looking though my makeup, Iv noticed that I had two packs of fake nails in there. I don't know how I forgot they were in there, In tell I really looked and remembered that they are a special printed kind. LOL, don't get me wrong they are not that special since they came from the Dollar Tree. They just have a pattern on them that just never fits for a basic occasion. Really look at them! One looks like a person would wear on their wedding day or prom and the other looks like Easter or spring/summer pool day nails. And for a side not if your new to my blog, I will be moving sometime soon. 
So the question I have for you is, should I Fake Nail It or Nah!?

February 5, 2016

Brisk Energy Bar Review

Briskbar 1

When it comes to finding energy bars now a days, it seems like everything has so many ingredients, sugars, whey and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't even pronounce. On top of that I'm a vegan, so those bars basically get canceled out and have completely know purpose for me. But I'm not alone in this, since other people suffer from food allergies that prevent them from having energy bars too. But don't feel bad... There is a company with a solution on our side and their name is Brisk.
When I came across Brisk Bars I first thought, that looks good but I know it's going to have something in it that I can't have... You know that pre-judging a lot of us due. But than I seen that I said 70% Dark Chocolate and any chocolate with that percentage is usually vegan, so I looked more into it. When reading more about the Brisk Bars I found out that they really do care about their product. This came across more and more as I continued reading and found out that their energy bars are completely plant based and contain no chemical drugs or weird sugars... That being said I was sold and really needed to try this product out. 
They sent me over 4 Brisk Bars to try for free, along with an informative pamphlet. After testing out these bars and of course sharing with family to get there reaction and thoughts, it's now time that I share with you all what I think about the Brisk Bars. In this review I will be covering these key topics: Packaging, Product Review with Pros and Cons and My Final thoughts... So lets get into it!
Packaging: I love the packaging! The colors pop and it's a real attention grabber. But the best part for me is being able to see the actual product though the packaging... That's so real bonus points for Brisk.
Product Review: The look and feel of these bars really remind me of a brownie, so I though it was going to be super rich and chocolaty but I was actually completely surprised. It has a bit of a chocolate bitter taste but the coconut shavings on top basically act like the sugar flavor. At first it's a real interesting taste but it really grows on you. I did notice that it has an after taste of pill power and I don't know what in it would give it that interesting weired taste... But that didn't stop me. I also noticed that eating the whole bar was just not going to happen for me. The intensity of the bar is just way to strong for me and just having half of it I'm literally bouncing off of the wall. So the company stating that it's stronger than one espresso is completely true. The following day I did try the bar as a pre workout to see how it would last and work and I highly recommend it for that more than anything. 
Pros: Energy Boost, Vegan, Only Need Half of a Bar
Cons: Couldn't Stay Focus, Had a Pill Powder After Taste
My Final Thoughts: I'm in love! It's a great product for an energy source and it's something that I really recommend for a pre workout or energy/happy boost. I can really say that with confidence because I'm recommending something to you all my friends and I know your getting something what's good for your body and not filled with harmful toxic. I didn't mention it before but it's also GMO free, gluten free, soy free, peanut free and has low sodium... That's amazing!
Purchase BriskBars HERE

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What's In My Bag?? || 2016 Edition

JESSICA SIMPSON Faux Leather Carlyle Tote
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February 3, 2016

Weekly Weigh In #3: Getting Back Into The Groove


I haven't updated you all on my weight in so long, that it's just completely sad. I feel really bad for letting it go on so long but even more for myself in the fact that I'm kinda letting us all down. There is quite a few of you that is on this journey with me and I haven been that friend to give the support back. You can really see it in my weight chat! I thought by now I would weigh much less, at least in the 240-230 range but No... I'm still in the freakin 250's like WTF! I haven't been eating different, I still exercise multiple times a week, so the only really possibly is I need to drink more water and use Myfitnesspal more. I have notice that my muscle mass went up (my scale tracks that kind of stuff) so that's a good thing. But the number one thing I really need to change and reduce is stress! I have been stressed out for so long with person stuff... That's really not that personal since I told you the whole story in Yesterdays post. But if I reduce the stress I think I can really have more of a positive outcome. Also last but not least measurements are going to start happening. I really feel a difference in my body and I do think in stringing in inches even when my weight number struggles.

So here is the break down:
My Journey Start Weight: 265.6
My Weight Today: 257.8
My Goal For Next Week: No goal*

*No goal! So I can see how much I can really loose in a week. So I just need to be less than what I am today.

February 2, 2016


Hey fellow Shy Children!

I have been missing for about a week  and in blogging world that's just wayyy too long. I haven't fallen of the face of the earth but sometimes it really feels like it. I decided to put up this Selfie Child post because it's just more visually appropriate when needing to do a #TLKwithCort and with this information I have the sooner I tell you and let you know the better.

I have known since last year that the idea of moving was going to be a huge possibly. Mainly because the place we live in now was only supposed to be short term in our eyes, in tell we find another place to buy. To make this confusing story more clear, when I lived back in Oakland with my boyfriend family, their family owned that place and sold it. Pops (aka my boyfriends dad) always wanted to live out here in Stockton because it was closer and more convenient to fishing spots... That retired life! So we moved out here and came up with the idea to rent a place in tell we find something we could buy. Because it's hard to look for a place to buy when your living more than a hour away from the destination... So that's what we did. We have been living out here in Stockton for a year and a half now and this past December full house buy looking started and in January it was in full effect. I am only sharing this with you because yesterday I was informed by Pops that it's a huge possibly that we will be moving in about six weeks and it's really stressing me out. But if I'm completely honest with you (which I always am and sometimes a little too much), I have been really stressed out since November and it has messing with my weight/weight loss process. I will talk more about that in my weekly weigh in that will also be up this week. I don't want to get so into the process of moving and then my blog goes under the bus or on the back burner. This is truly the one thing I have ever done that really makes me happy and able to express myself without feeling shy and nervous. That being said, you will never really understand how much your comments and constant support has made my confidence stronger and I truly thank you for that.

Last but not least, let me know if there is any blog post topic you would like to see on FashionShyChild and I will do my best to incorporate that for you.



January 21, 2016

Being Vegan In A Non-Vegan Home

{Thanksgiving Vegan Dinner 2015}

Being Vegan in a non-Vegan home can be challenging and I'm not going to lie to you. The people/person you live with will most likely not see eye to eye with you, when it comes to your cruelty-free lifestyle. They might even act like they understand and agree with your choice and then later on offer you everything under the sun that doesn't fit with your beliefs... I know the struggle and the pain it can be to just get the people you live with to accept/respect your lifestyle change, even if they don't understand/agree.

I am in your shoes right now, being a Vegan in a non-Vegan household... Here is my story!

I decided to go back to the non meat lifestyle back in October 2015, when one day after cooking/eating dinner... Chicken, rice and broccoli to be exact, I didn't feel the same. Months prior to this I remember always telling myself, I really need to cut out meat again. I think it was really my body giving me signs and thought that I didn't need it. So with this meal in October and eating my chicken I remember telling my boyfriend who was also at the table with me eating, that this chicken didn't taste the same and I'm not liking it and I just can't eat it. He must of thought I was getting sick or just plane out crazy because he thought it was great. This was the time I new my run with eating meat had come to an end... again, because out of all of the animal meats chicken was my favorite and since that day I haven't had any animal meat. Your probably thinking this sounds like a vegetarian lifestyle and not a vegan one. Well that's because dairy is something I already didn't consume (unless I cheated myself). I'm lactose intolerant and dairy makes me feel like shit physically and emotionally and it starts up my eczema. Ever since being really true to myself and not agreeing to accept the consequences of having dairy has my eczema been under control and I haven't broken out. I really think that tells a lot! 

So that's my transformation into veganism again and let's get into my living situation.

As of right now I live with my boyfriend and his dad and it has been like that for 4 years now. When it comes to food, eating and cooking, comes down to either pops or myself that's making meals for the house. Since turning vegan, none of that has changed. I was very upfront from the beginning and told everyone I was now vegan. I of course had to explain what it was, since a lot of people don't know what it is and only really know Vegetarianism. I was okay with that but the one part that really alarmed me was when people asked, "so what do you eat then". Like there was nothing left to eat if you cut out animal meat and dairy. This is a really big awakening, for me and our society because if a person is only seeing meat and dairy as food, those same people are not getting fruits, vegetables, grains and nut in their everyday diets or at the least not enough... Thank about that! 

Shopping: I do a lot of the grocery shopping as it is, so I can buy anything I want to eat. In my area of living they don't really cater to Vegans (I live next to some farmers) Probably one of the reasons I really miss San Francisco. But the plus side to that is I don't consumer so much processed vegan foods. So my tip is by your basics and look up creative simple recipes to make. You can get a huge bag of rice for $9 that will last you months and beans are also very cheap. Remember veganism is suppose to be simple, so don't over complicate it with buying expensive products and over thinking.

Cooking: If you don't know how to cook, now is your time to learn. Because vegan cooking is basic cooking and there is no excuse if you can't boil water. When I cook I make two separate meals, one for my meat eating family and a Vegan version for myself. It can get overwhelming but that's my way of supporting there lifestyle even though I know longer believe it. They give like 30%  when it comes to cooking vegan for me. So I just will eat the rice and vegetables. PS: Meat smells so nasty to me now

Bullying: I don't force or preach veganism to anyone because I wouldn't want the same thing done to me. But it doesn't workout that way! I still get offered meat products and meals even though I said 1,000+ times I'm vegan or even get joked at when I'm having my vegetables based meals. I just brush everything off and remind myself of people's ignorance. But it can really hurt when it's someone your close to and love and their just not fully getting it. But never give up, in this society and culture people really stand behind there meats and thinking your just going through a faze.

PS: You’re looking at a brand new @vegancuts ambassador. Check out what they have to offer here: http://caurl.co/r/pd1wj/g6lg
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