November 18, 2014

Top Five Favorite Music Videos

Two weeks ago i shared my playlist called #NOWPLAYING. So this week i though it would be nice to share with you my top five favorite music videos as of right now. I picked these five out of all the rest because they brought something different to the music video world. Something that showed personal style, behavior and attitude. I like to think of it as real emotion, something everyone could relate too. 
I hope you enjoy my top five music video picks but whats your favorite music video right now?

1. Taylor Swift - "Blank Space"

2. Azealia Banks - “Chasing Time”

3. Big Sean - "I Don't F**k With You" f. E-40
4. Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass"
5. Hozier - "Take Me to Church"

November 17, 2014

The Field

the field 3
Shirt: Thrifted | Under Top: Forever21+ | Jeans: Ross (Similar) | Shoes: Nike (Similar) | Sunglasses: Target | Earrings & Necklace: | Lipstick: MAC Rebel
My weekend was spent playing video games, to be completely honest with you. I am more of a Sims 3 computer game, but the Call of Duty games have more of an adrenaline thrill to me. 
The outfit i am wearing was inspired by that! Even though i am not the kind of person to sign up and go of to duty (lets be real! I'm unfit, clumsy and scared) i still have respect for the service men and woman and i love the bad ass style.
I put that the snap up shirt was thrifted because it kind of was. I took it from my boyfriend, its old and he never wears it. So what is someones trash is another persons treasure. I think it looks better on me anyways ;)

the field 10 the field 9 the field 4 the field 5 the field 11 the field 2 the field 8 the field 7 the field 6 the field 1
photos by Eric

November 16, 2014

The Truth & Solution to Makeup

Looking though my E-Mails i was sent over this very intriguing article about creating your own makeup and the truth to why you should. At first i thought it was going to be an article on how to start your own makeup line from home kind of thing, but it was something way more eye opening. It explained to me the truth behind the U.S. chemical guidelines on makeup. Something that we all should really look into and educate ourselves about. Even though i already new the chemicals in makeup was not really good for me, someone else telling me really makes me rethink the whole thing.
The article on the bright side does give a starter solution on how you can change things up by making your own products. I personally like the blush how to and i cant wait to gives these DIY's a try. Make sure you check out the full article HERE and share it with your fellow makeup junkies.

November 13, 2014

Fall Essentials

Fall essentials
Finding what to wear/buy this fall can get tough, especially with trends coming and going. So what i like to do is break it done. I don't think about trends at the time per-say, but i think about the trends i know will stay in style year round. Like there will always be a moto jacket, graphic tee and a pair of hot booties always in style. This way you can have the basics and then buy one or two trendy things to spice it up. So check out some of my faves!

Moto Jacket: Faux Leather
Graphic Tee: Princess and the Frog
Distressed Jeans: High-Waisted Boyfriend
Everyday Bag: Gadsden
Bold Dress: Tribal Print Dress
Cuff Earrings: Rhinestone Earcuff & Stud Set
Sexy Booties: Bevin JustFab

November 12, 2014

Falling For Fall TAG

1. What are you most looking forward to this fall?
2. What has been your favorite Halloween costume so far?
3. Nude or dark lips?
4. Do you call the season Autumn or Fall?
5. What is the weather like during Fall where you live?
6. Favorite Fall fashion trend?
7. Favorite Fall activity?
8. Most worn shoes?
9. Pumpkin spice latte or salted caramel mocha?
10. What are you planning to do/what did you do for Halloween?
11. You're cuddled up at home, are you reading a book, or watching a movie?
12. What are you thankful for?

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November 11, 2014

GTL: Mardi Gras in Fall

mardi gras in Fall (get the look)
EYES: Urban Decay Cream shadow in Weeds (discontinued)
Loreal Paris Project Runway Quad 216 The Temptress' Gaze
Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 223 Dynamite Drama

HIGHLIGHT & BLUSH: Pixi Beauty Beauty Bronzer in Summertime
Kleancolor Ms. Chick Universally Flattering Blush 11 Gypse

LIPS: Cailyn Cosmetics Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss 08 Love Affair

LINER & MASCARA: Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Eyeliner Black
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

BROWS: E.L.F. Eyebrow Lifter & Filler Ivory/Dark

BRUSHES: E.L.F. Studio Blush Brush
Crown Brush Shadow/Crease Duet

HAIR: TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray
Want to see the Hair Tutorial click Here

November 10, 2014

Easy Front Bump Hairstyle

On days i like to call my lazy hair days, i go for a front bump and a ponytail. It give me the easy of not having to add heat to my hair and the time to get started on my day. Its also a great hair style to change up a normal ponytail or to look somewhat put together when you don't give a F***k.
So lets get started on this easy front bump!

hair bump1
Step 1: Us your rat tooth comb to make a bang part or if you have bangs tie them up.
Step 2: Comb out your the rest of your hair with a paddle brush.
Step 3: Comb out the ends if you have too.
Step 4: Now use your boar bristle brush to flatten out any hair kinks.
Step 5: Put your hair into a ponytail.
Step 6: Now take the front tie out.
Step 7: Comb through the hair with the rat tooth comb (use a real comb if its tangled)
Step 8: Use a texture spray, i like TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray.
Step 9: Add some to the front part for lift and texture.
Step 10: Comb through the front and back comb the back part for more volume.
Step 11: Twist the hair.
Step 12: Get the bump to the desired level.
Step 13: Use hair pins or Goody Mini Claw Clips in your hair color and clip it.
Step 14: Your all done!

November 8, 2014

Suave Professionals: Shampoo & Conditioner Review


If you seen my October favorites video, you would have seen that i mentioned the Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner in Black Raspberry and White tea. I didn't go much into detail in that video, so i decided to write a review for the curious minds. I was one who was also curious about this product before purchasing it and looking it up online didn't do a justice. Therefor a product review is in desperate need.
I will be covering these Points: Packaging, Product Review (with Pros & Cons) and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :)

Packaging: Was very nice a secure. I did buy the double pack, so they were package together. Both bottles came with a pump, so that's always exciting. The label is eye caching and its easy to read what one is shampoo and whats conditioner.

Product Review: The shampoo comes out kinda clear, but thick and gives a nice lather without stripping your hair and leaving it with that crunchy dry feeling. The conditioner comes out white and kind of thick. It goes in your hair giving you that feeling of moisture. When its time to rinse out, you will notice that it works as a detangler. The smell for both of them is fantastic and i would love to have a body spray in the same scent. The smell does linger in your hair, so if your one of those shower and go people you will be very happy. These two bottles will last very long for the price. They are 25oz each for $6. I do have to put out there that this scent is for color care. I didn't know that because on the target website they didn't state that, but there is another scent in almond and shea butter that might be for moisture. But everything is okay because if its safe for color treated hair, its okay on yours.

Pros- great price, nice smell, pump bottle, detangles, moisturize, for all hair types
Cons- for color treated hair (my fault)

My Final Thoughts: I would recommend this to everyone and i have already done so. Its hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that truly works on all hair types. Especially afro hair, there's not really much in the market for us. So please give this a try and if you have already done so, please let me know your thoughts.

Links to buy:  
Suave Professionals- Black Raspberry + White Tea
Suave Professionals- Almond + Shea Butter

November 5, 2014

Airport Way

Jacket: Forever21+ | Top: Target | Jeans: Forever21+ | Boots: Target | Sunglasses: Target
Yesterday was such a spur of the moment type of day and for a person like myself, that's not normal. I love to plan and know whats going to happen before going to do it. So i guess you can say i like to be in control. These pictures were taken on a walk we did yeterday and when i see great artwork i have to have a picture with it.
I wore a lot piece you have already see before. But if i love something so much, i have to wear it over and over again. The jacket is a find i bought last year and you can see it again in this post. I wish they would come out with more utility types of jackets because i love the shape/cut.

apw1 apw2 apw3 apw4 apw9 apw5 apw6 apw8 apw10
photos by Eric

November 4, 2014


I have decided to share with you all something that really means a lot to me and that is my playlist. This playlist is the list i have been talking about on Twitter, when i tell you all that i am listening to music. There is a variety of music genres on this playlist that everyone should love. So make sure to follow me on Spotify and Twitter so we can listen together :)
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