July 2, 2015

Sunny Thursday

Sunny Thursday 9
Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Forever 21(they were Jeans) | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: A Garage Sale Find | Hair Extensions: uuhairextensions.com

Hey my fellow Shy Children... I missed you! Sorry I have been a bit M.I.A I just been trying to really think about the content I share with you all. I really do see all of you as my best friends and the way you all have supported me over these years has been amazing. That being said you all deserve the best content I can create and throwing up just anything isn't any good for you or me. So I hope you all understand.

How has the weather been where you stay? I can tell you, out her has been very hot and I'm not even over exaggerating. Remember to stay hydrated! See you next post

Sunny Thursday 10 Sunny Thursday 3 Sunny Thursday 4 Sunny Thursday 2 Sunny Thursday 5 Sunny Thursday 7 Sunny Thursday 8 Sunny Thursday 1 Sunny Thursday 6 
photos by Eric

June 29, 2015

Quote Monday

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
- Mother Teresa

June 24, 2015

My Apple Watch Story and Thoughts

{Apple Watch 42mm Classic Buckle}

You might have noticed in some of my post and videos that I have an Apple Watch. I haven't really talked about it because it never really crossed my mine, due to the fact of being grateful and overwhelmed. So today I decided to share with you all the story behind my Apple Watch and tell you my true feeling on how I feel about the watch in general.

First things first, I never anticipated on getting an Apple Watch and the idea of a watch like this never crossed my mind. But I did have a watch in mind that I wanted for a specific purposes and that's the FitBit for exercising because you all know by now I'm trying to get healthy and loose weight. 

One normal day on Twitter I was writing to you all (updating my tweets) and looking at the tweets of people I follow. I then came across a tweet from Complex Style AKA Complex Magazine but the style section and their tweet said they were hosting a Giveaway for an Apple Watch that one lucky winner could win... So I entered! I already new my chances of winning were highly slim but you can never win if you don't enter. A couple weeks went by like 2 or 3 and at this point I completely forgot all about it. Checking my email (I do multiple times a day) I came across a message that had four emoji confetti celebrate things and it said I was the winner. At first I thought it was a complete scam and there was know way in hell I won. So I scrolled down to the bottom of the message an saw the real company address, name and work field tittle and that how I new it was legit. This is when I completely flipped out in my head but was so scared and shocked that I won. I always get this way when I win something, get a gift or even get asked by a company to review their product. I'm just the type of person that realizes nothing has to be given to you or even shared with you and when it does happen you should be grateful/thankful for everything. I of course told my boyfriend I won and showed him the message even thought I was going to wait In tell it showed up at my door step but that would be to much for me to keep to myself. Last but not lease I filled out the required shipping information and sent it off. A week later it was deliver in the best packaging and very secure and discreet.

Now let's have a little chat about the watch in general because I know a lot of people are kinda unsure about getting one or what kind they should get. So first lets get one thing clear, this is an "Apple Watch" so you need to have an Apple phone to use it. That's just how this whole thing works. Next, when it comes to the different watch style types there is Apple watch sport, Apple watch and Apple watch edition. I personally have the Apple Watch 42mm with the Classic Buckle. When it comes to pairing the watch with your phone it's super fast and easy and you pair them through Bluetooth, so yes your phone batter will get it if your using it just as much. When it comes to the apps and thing, your still using your phone to tell the watch you want the app on it. So basically to make this whole walk through very short your apple watch is a "legit Accessory" and I know for a fact if I worked back in retail or my warehouse job this watch would come in handy a lot (we couldn't be on our phones or even check them while on the clock). But for a blogger like myself now I basically can keep my phone in my purse or on my desk and not have to worry about missing a message or a call. So I know you might be wondering now, well is it worth all that money and truthful it's really up to you and your financial situation or what you consider worth spending a couple hundred on. For me personal like I said in the beginning, if it wasn't for me winning this I wasn't even thinking about getting on and would have been just as happy with an exercise watch. So it's all up to you my friend.

PS: I would like to give a special Thank You to Complex.com and if you are not following them on Twitter make sure you do @ComplexStyle

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June 23, 2015

Pinterest Summer Sweets & Treats

Hey Fellow Shy Children!

Pinterest Summer Sweets and Treats is really starting to become an every year thing for me. Besides making these post for you all, on the food and drink items I would love to make this summer I also do this on my free time for personal pleasure. Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and really get inspired to have fun. I hope you all enjoy the sweets and treats I picked from Pinterest and if you have any ones you seen on the site please share them with me. 

PS: Thank You, to all of the lady's that make these wonderful sweets and treats.

Peach Pink Lemonade 
Blackberry Lemonade Margaritas 
Mini Baileys Cheesecake Trifles

Birthday Cake Popcorn 
Watermelon Granita
S'mores Magic Bars 
Agua de Jamaica (Habiscus Tea)


Lemon Berry Bar
Homemade Iced Lattes
Beetiful Whole Foods Juice Drink
Peach Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

June 22, 2015

Field Hockey

field Hockey 1
Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Target | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: Target | Lips: Sinfulcolors Lip Shine "Hot to Trot"

This weekend was a blast! I got a lot of work done and got to celebrate Fathers Day along with the first day of Summer. What more could I ask for! I have been dressing very comfortably lately and I think it has a lot to do with this dang heat. 
I bought my top at Old Navy years ago like 2009... Lol but it still looks good and I really love it. It's really hands down the only top I want to wear when I don't know what to wear or just want to lounge around. 
My lip shine though! Sinfulcolors went in when they made this color and formula. I found there lip products at Walgreen and haven't seen them since. If I could I would love to test out more but I can't find any info on them or even get in contact with the company... So sad!

field Hockey 3 field Hockey 4 field Hockey 5 field Hockey 6 field Hockey 7 field Hockey 8 field Hockey 9
photos by Eric

Quote Monday

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.
- kid president

June 19, 2015

Top Three

{Skater Girl mini collage}

This week I have felt my most productive and happy. I think it has a lot to do with a new thinking thing my boyfriend is teaching me. It's basically about positive energy and what great things you put out to the world, will come back to you. Kinda like the Karma effect used positively.

 I have also been keeping up with my exercise and movement and including a new drink into the mix called Full Time Energy the Super Fruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend. So far I really like it and a review will be up in a couple of weeks.

If your new to FashionShyChild I also have a gaming blog called GamingShyChild it's a sister site to this one, but only about gaming... Go Subscribe! I have been testing out a really cool app called Scripture Hero and you can read more about it over on that blog.

{Scripture Hero App}

{Full Time Energy for weight loss}
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