May 1, 2015

Top Three

{My moms Birthday card}

For some reason, my Top Thee things from last week didn't go up as planned. But since this week was such a big blur I will share with you all what happens last week. 
On April 20th it was my moms birthday and since I live 2 1/2 hours away I decided it would be a nice idea to at least  send a card. It's not a lot, but she's not a big on getting gift, so it was the next best thing. I also had a chance to clean my closet and my makeup chest. When your a hug makeup lover, having a lot of makeup is never enough but realistically thinking, it can get overwhelming... especially when it's time to clean it up and out. While doing this, I found so many samples that need to be tested out, for my own pleasure. But other than that the week was great and I can't wait to share with you all what May will bring. See you next post! ❤️

{Samples Everywhere}

{Organized makeup chest}

Petite Plus Super Weight Loss Supplement Review


Back in the beginning of April i told you guys that i was going to be testing out some weight loss pills. I stated it in my Fitness Letter #2 if you would like to read that and now that a month has past i want to share with you all my full out honest opinion. I do have to state before we get started that these supplements where sent to me for free in exchange for a review. So lets get started!
When receiving these pills i was excited and hesitant at the same time. Excited because everything in these pills are natural and you can clearly read all of the ingredients: But i was hesitant because at the end of the day they are still pills that i am putting into my body, claiming to help me loose weight. The good over the scary won and i tested them out anyways and here is how i went.
The packaging says to take 2 pills per day 30 minutes before a meal. So i took it before a late lunch of course taking the powder out of the capsule and putting it in water because i cant swallow horse pills like this, waited 30 min. and than ate. Everything was fine and great i had a burst of energy, i wasn't tired early and i was happy. I noticed a couple of days in, my metabolism started to pick up. I was hungry a little more and letting it out more too. I did change it up two nights and took them before dinner and that was a complete mistake. These pills had me up and not tired at all, leaving me super tired in the morning.This lasted for a week and a half /2weeks than something changed! One morning i woke up and decided i wanted to do a 20 min. workout to prepare my body for my 30 min workout i was going to do that night. So i did my 20 min app workout and had a great sweat, rested for a little while drinking water and decided it was time to take the pills. Before taking them i was fine, really happy and felt accomplish but after taking them this day i felt really ill, nauseous and sick. I didn't want to eat or do any of the work i had planned. After feeling this way the whole day i decided to take a break from the supplements. Leaving me tell this day to still having pills but that's is okay since i can now pick back up doing it the right way, with what works for my body.
When getting these pills, they also come with a free PDF. The PDF is a mini book 12 pages long and it basically explains to you how to eat and exercise to help with the pills and see weight loss. To me the information in the book was nothing new since i was already testing out the low carb lifestyle and that's what they basically suggest in the book in a way. 
If you are wondering if i lost any weight, i am proud to say i did. Probably not as much but my jeans fit better and that's a start. But i really think these supplement will work great for people that only need to loose a little bit of weight or need a kick in there wight loss.

If you would like to purchase the Petite Plus Super Weight Loss Supplement and test them out your self you can HERE


My Graze Calorie Count Box

Graze 1

Hey, fellow Shy Children!

Last month I was looking for a food subscription service to tryout. I have already been subscribed to one in the past but instead of just giving in and going back to them, I wanted to test out something new. Something that seemed worth the money and also had a good variety of snacks and flavors. 
I came across a company called Graze and with a name like that it has to be healthy. So I decided to try it out. I picked the box Calorie Count (even though I thought I picked Sugar Count) but either or it still works in my diet. 

In my box came four serving size snacks. I received Southern BBQ Pistachios, Key Lime Pie, Cocoa Cookie Dippers with Cherry Compote and Spicy Sriracha Peas. All individually packaged and looking amazing. What will make you love it even more is opening up a package and smelling all of that flavor. My favorite from my pack and the one I highly recommend you request for yours is the Spicy Stiracha Peas... They are everything! The one I least recommend is the Key Lime Pie but that's just because I dont like Key Lime Pie in general. But if you do, I can tell you now it's on point with the flavor of it.

At this point your probably wanting or interested in try a box of graze for yourself! How about getting your first box FREE? Well your just in luck, by clicking This Link you can get your first box of graze for FREE. They have different varieties of boxes to pick from... like the Sweet Treat Box, Savory Box, Protein Box and More. Give it a try and I am sure you are going to love it. But if you dont like it and its wasn't something you thought it was going to be, you can always cancel after you get your first free box. So whats to loose?!

graze 2 graze 3 graze 4

graze 5

graze 6

graze 7

graze 8

April 30, 2015

Green With Envy

green with envy 2
Jacket: Forever21 | Top: Ross | Jeans: Target | Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi (similar)| Sunglasses: Target | Bracelets: Aldos (similar)| Ring: Forever21 | Other Accessories:

For the past couple of day the weather here in the San Joaquin Valley has been so off. I wake up every morning with the first think being to check my weather app. Sometime i think its completely pointless, since that thing changes all the time. It can go from saying a high of 76 degrees to saying 88 in 5 min. and next thing, you look out side and it raining out of know wear.
When it comes to me getting dress, i have been pairing a cardigan or mini jacket with every outfit. That way if it does go from super hot to windy, i can be prepared.
I love this utility jacket i purchased at forever21 in the plus size section. It's such a statement piece and subtle at the same time and who would have know, it matches my Nike Dunk Sky Hi's so well.
PS: How is the weather like where you stay?

green with envy 1 green with envy 6 green with envy 4 green with envy 5 green with envy green with envy 7 green with envy 8
photos by Eric
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