FashionShyChild : April 2012

April 30, 2012

What To Wear: Cinco de Mayo +size

Cinco de Mayo is comming up this weekend, What are you wearing? If you don't know here is an idea of what you could wear. When I put this together I decided not to go to deep into the Mexican flag colors. The reason for that is, if your at a party you don't want to blend in with the decorations you want to stand out. Therefor this outfit and color sceam will help you. Remember: this is a plus size outfit so some links posted below will be to plus size sites.

Products in picture:

Torrid- Coral Embroidered Ruffle Maxi Dress $68.50USD

Torrid- Billie Black Patent Peep Toe Wedge $39.50USD

Torrid- Camel Wool Felt Fadora $24.50USD

Forever21- Multi Striped N/S Shoulder Bag $19.80USD

Forever21- Paint Splattered Collar Necklace

Forever21- Set Of 18 Glittered Bangles $4.80

April 27, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials

Black & White Camisole

Camisoles are very important. I can't express how important they are. They can be worn own there own or even under things like a tee. I suggest starting out with black and white, even though I use black more. But once you have those two color basics, then venture out and get more colors. I get my camisoles at forever21; There the PERFECT price. Remember: these don't last a long time, they will stretch out/ get out of that perfect fit...that's why I go cheap.

Scoop Neck Tee

Scoop tees are my favorite. Even though some people would prefer V-Neck, I can't. I have realized over the years scoop is the best for me. I have a bigger chest area so I like to wear mine a bit looser. Buying It bigger can also work as an off the shoulder shirt. I prefer getting my scoop tees at forever21B. They are loose, breathable and comes in many different colors. Since its a forever21 basic, it is also affordable so you can get the colors you want.


OMG! Leggings...I live in leggings at home. They are super comfortable and are the type of under garment, YES! UNDER GARMENT...please dont wear them with your bottom out and showing. I have seem some very disturbing things with people wearing legging just wrong. Moving on, legging look really good under things like short dresses, shorts and even pea coats. I prefer the Forever21 ones. They are a little thicker making them last a little longer. These are another one of those things that don't last very long, due to wear and washing. So in my opinion, don't spend to much. It would suck spending $40USD for something that's going to get out of shape and only last a month or so...I'm just stating.


The thing that use to be worn by business people...well not any more! Blazers are the best thing ever. You can dress them up or down and at the end still look appropriate. I've been seeing them in every store. Since I am plus size I like to get mine at Torrid. Start out with a black and a white one. You will notice that you will use these two colors the most. But once you do get these two do venture out and try colors.


Jeans are an everyday essential. So always have a good black and dark denim pair. Those two colors will match everything you wear, making getting dress easy. I personally wear forever21+ and Torrid when it comes to the dark colors. Torrid has a large variety and sizes for my plus size shychildren. But if your looking for a pair that will last a long time Levi's is the best.


For some people, but not for all. Don't freak out about the hells, get a size that feels okay to you. But always have a nude and a black. Nude makes your legs look longer, and everyone wants that. Black is super classy and to me I look better in black ones. I can't really tell you the best place to get these. I have a bigger foot and I prefer to get mine at torrid. Since I get a variety of styles and I can also go down a size sinc there shoes are lucky me.


Another thing I live in,and if you look though my blog you will see some of them I love. ( I will show you my cardigans in a post). This is a wardrobe essential because you can wear them all year long. So you will get you moneys worth out of them. I know some of you are thinking, "How do you wear them in the summer?" ANSWER: if you buy so light weight ones, I like to put it in my purse. So if it does get a little chilly or windy in those summer days or nights you I'll be prepared (my tip). It's also an essential because you dress it up or down and you can take if from day to night...a WINNER.


some people cant wear heels all day...I can't. Or maybe your just got off work and you want to take them heels off! Flats are amazing, they are all so dressy shoes if you need them to be...or maybe your hanging out with your friends on a casual night, there still perfect! You can find flats everywhere and they dont have to cost a lot. But make sure to always have a black pair...from exsperiance, you will need it.


When you need a coat buy a Peacoat. Who wants to wear those big puffy things that aren't stylish...NOT ME! Peacoat are super stylish and cute at the same time. Here is wear most of the past things tie in. Under the coat you can wear the Cami or the scoop neck or both at the same time. For the bottom half, legging look nice and so do the dark colored jean...YAY! a win win.

Rain boots

I use to not own a pair and that was such a bad thing. I messed up a lot of shoes in the rain, when I could have just spent the money to get a pair of rain boots. They also save your jeans, simce you will be tucking then into the boots. Also they don't have to cost a lot, since I live in California it doesn't really rain a lot so I bought some Bongo ones at Kmart on sale for only $7.99USD. ( tip: if you buy them right after winter when the stores say they are out of season, you can get them even cheaper.) Or just go to Marshall's.

Flip Flops

My summer love. LOL or like in high school ( don't remember what grade) my everyday shoes. I'm in love with flip flips but not just any pair...OLD NAVY! To me they have the best flip flops, for a very great price, in any color you can imagine. You will for sure find a color that matches everything you have. Spring time is here and summer is right around the corner...and not only that they are easy to slip on and run anywhere. So if you haven't given old navy flip flop a try please do, you will love them.

I really hope these essentials help you out. :)

April 26, 2012

Photo Diary #1

April 26,2012

I thought I would start something new for my page. This way I can still post something on days I can't. ( if that makes any since.) yesterday I told myself I would get up early to finish a post I had started. It didn't work out that way :(. So that post will be up tomorrow for sure. It will also be a very helpful post for so many of you.

I don't want to talk in circles, so the picture up above is of myself, when I just wake up. make up and hair not done. Since this is a fashion/ beauty blog and my main goal is to make people feel happy about themselves, I felt like it was my duty to post something inspirational in a since. I feel like people forget about natural beauty and think materialistic makeup and clothes will help them. But just remember at the end of the day all of it comes off.

So, let's get in to what my diary entry's will be about and consist of :

  1. I will be writing about my day, but not to much writing like this. ( I want to keep it interesting)
  2. Every entry will have at the least one this one.
  3. You will be getting a view into my life. Maybe discovering things you didn't know I liked.
  4. This one is up to you! That's right, Y-O-U. Always let me know what you like or what I should add or change.
I hope this works out how I envisioned it. I also feel it will make it a little easier for you to ask questions that you might have. Even though we are Shy Children lets be fashionable or in this case photogenic.

April 24, 2012

Top Three

{Revlon Lipstick 616 Wink for Pink}
I have been wearing this lipstick so much. It's the perfect pink color for me and it gives just enough shine. It is also a cream lipstick so it does give you some moisture. I feel like I need to add this lipstick to my favorites.

Untitled {Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation hydrating body lotion, body wash, fragrance mist}
This line by Victoria's Secret is AMAZING. Everyone needs to try Mango Temptation. I mentioned the body butter in a past Top Three ( if you want to see that). It smells so fresh and summery. I think it will be perfect for the up comming months.

Untitled {McDonalds Apple Pie}
My favorite fast food place EVER! This year is when I started having the apple pies. Yes there is an S at the end because you get 2 pies for $1USD. Best deal ever I think :).

April 20, 2012

What Are You Wearing?

Since Earth Day is on Sunday I thought I would post this early. Do you know what your wearing on Earth Day? Did you even think about Earth Day? If you answered "No" then your not to late, yet...(LoL) I put together this collage outfit to give you an idea on what to wear, like a little start you off type of thing. Remember everyone has a different style so make it your own. But always remember to have fun with what you wear, an own it.
XoXo: Cortney

Kermit The Frog t-shirt
Forever21 destroyed jeans
Forever21 flower stud earrings
Swan Lake sunglasses
Converse Chuck Taylor all star
iPod nano
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
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April 19, 2012

My Wish List

•Louis Vuitton bag
•Michael Kors gold watch
•Louis Vuitton key chain charm
•Marc Jacobs sunglasses
•Toms glitter shoes

April 16, 2012

Back in Time

I went into Forever21 to get some jeans and a blazer for an interview I was going to have the next day. I did find some black pants but I didn't find a blazer in there I had to go to another store for that. Anyways I needed some ear rings to wear ( if you have seen I have quite a few piercings) that wouldn't be to much and out there or too big. That's when I came across these vintage looking things. I had to get them ( even though I didn't wear them to the interview) they were the best earrings forever 21 had, since I wasn't feeling anything else in there.
The necklace was something I just wanted. It looked so cute an innocent it was calling my name.
If you have been to forever 21 lately let me know what you liked or bought.

April 15, 2012

Hair Accessories

Since its still early spring, I think it's time that you start thinking about hair accessories. Hair accessories are one of the easiest accessories to put on and go; I mean since your going to be doing your hair anyway! They also help bring attention to your face and keep your hair away from your face on those hot days. I decided to show you four that can really work and are light in weight unlike a hat, that can bring heat to your head ( or maybe that just what it does to me). 1.- Paisley Headwrap from Forever21 $3.80 2.- Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc bobby Pins $28 3.-Juicy Couture charm elastics set of 3 in hot pink $25 4.- Jennifer Behr crystal scalloped headband at Saksfifthavenue $155

April 12, 2012

My Purse Makeup Bag

This is the makeup bag I bring in my purse. LoL I no it has a lot of lip products but that's all I really need; since I do my face makeup at home. If I'm going to stay out for a long time then I will bring a face powder. What do you bring in your makeup bag?

Products Shown:
•Revlon super lustrous lipstick cream 616 Wink For Pink
•Hollister California lip gloss Cake Batter
•Nivea a kiss of flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care SPF 4
•Urban Decay lip junkie lip gloss Wallflower (sample size)
•Forever21 flower makeup mirror
•Mai Couture salicylic acid blemish control blotting paper (100 sheets)

April 11, 2012

Bart night

Monday night I had to attend a late night class from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. So that made it a Bart night :)
Forever21+ top
Forever21+ jeans

April 6, 2012

Top Three

  • Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Muchi,muchi
These colors are just amazing. I've been wearing them together for 3 weeks now. they will also make great Easter nail colors too.
  •  Coach flats
I love these flats to death. But unfortunately they did cost a lot, so i mostly wear them when i have to attend somewhere important.
I'm not really sure what this is called but its the best thing ever. iv been seeing them around a lot at different store; even though i got mine at Ross. It holds only cold drinks and they stay cold for a while too. (mine has ice water in it :)

April 1, 2012


 Happy April Fools Day :)...But really i spent the day on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Only because it has been raining off and on and I wanted a nice day out.