Photo Diary #1

April 26,2012

I thought I would start something new for my page. This way I can still post something on days I can't. ( if that makes any since.) yesterday I told myself I would get up early to finish a post I had started. It didn't work out that way :(. So that post will be up tomorrow for sure. It will also be a very helpful post for so many of you.

I don't want to talk in circles, so the picture up above is of myself, when I just wake up. make up and hair not done. Since this is a fashion/ beauty blog and my main goal is to make people feel happy about themselves, I felt like it was my duty to post something inspirational in a since. I feel like people forget about natural beauty and think materialistic makeup and clothes will help them. But just remember at the end of the day all of it comes off.

So, let's get in to what my diary entry's will be about and consist of :

  1. I will be writing about my day, but not to much writing like this. ( I want to keep it interesting)
  2. Every entry will have at the least one this one.
  3. You will be getting a view into my life. Maybe discovering things you didn't know I liked.
  4. This one is up to you! That's right, Y-O-U. Always let me know what you like or what I should add or change.
I hope this works out how I envisioned it. I also feel it will make it a little easier for you to ask questions that you might have. Even though we are Shy Children lets be fashionable or in this case photogenic.

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