Mothers Day Gift Guide

Since Mothers Day is comming up (Sunday, May 13th) I thought I would put together a gift guide. Yes, mothers day stuff will be all over the different stores. But even if you don't want to spend that much money or you just really don't have it because of economy reasons. Always remember its the thought and time that counts. You can make your mom a card or even make her a meal. Good tip: if your not the only child, you can get together with your other siblings and pitch in on something. What ever you decide to do make sure you show your mother the best time ever on her day.

1. Tiffany Twist Heart Charm and Chain...{To add some shine}

2. Poppy Dream C Glam Tote...{For the mom who want some added color}

3. Food Network Magazine 1,000 Easy Recipes...{for the mom who loves to cook}

4. Elle & Blair Rebel Princess case...{something fancy,but not high in price}

5. Core Sample Stopper...{for the mom who loves to throw party's}

6. Bath & Body Works Splish Splash Set...{for the bath time mom}

7. Haute Hibiscus Apron...{for the mom who still wants to look styled in the kitchen}

8. Essie in Muchi,Muchi...{at home manicure}

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