FashionShyChild : June 2012

June 30, 2012

Beauty Weekend: Frenzy


Last Beauty Weekend I said how I wasn't not going to be home and I showed you what makeup I brought with me (click here). Well here is a look using ≈ 95% of the stuff. I hope you like this look and all the products and where they went will be down below. If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment.


Products Used:

1. Maybelline fit me concealer in 35 Deep
2. CoverGirl Clean oil control pressed powder 565 Tawny
3. A know name pink blush

{Eye Brows}:
1. Forever21 Love & beauty eye brow kit in medium

1. e.l.f.  eyes.lips.face. Eyelid primer in Sheer
2. Victoria's Secret VS Silky Eye Shadow Duo in Frenzy
3. Wet n Wild cream liner in 886 Black (top line)
4. L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner in black (bottom line)
5. COVERGIRL lash blast volume waterproof mascara in black (top lashes)
6. NYC New York Color Lengthening Sky Rise mascara (bottom lashes)

1. NYC New York Color lip stick in 319 Violet Shine
2. M•A•C dazzleglass in DAZZLEPUSS from the hello kitty collection

June 27, 2012

Picnic Anyone?

Picnic Accessories

June 26, 2012

Get Your Percent Off

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June 25, 2012

Would You Try This Look?

Rita Ora

June 24, 2012

Beauty Weekend: Away Makeup Bag

This Beauty Weekend is all about my away makeup bag. I am not at home this weekend so I'm limited to the products i use. But this is a great way for you to see what i am using. You don't have to spend hella money to get a great makeup look. Remember: Live Within Your Means. Don't think you have to buy the top thing just because everyone else is. There for take a look into my away makeup bag, if you have any question please leave a comment. I always respond back.  :)

 CoverGirl Clean oil control pressed powder 565 Tawny
Now using this powder because my Maybelline fit me pressed powder ran out. Its okay but it doesn't give me as much coverage as the fit me does.

 Victoria's Secret Silky Eye Shadow Duo in Frenzy
very,very,very silky eye shadow. I brought this with me because i always have to have a gold and purple eye shadows with me. (the purple eye shadow is already here) I feel like those to colors look the best on my eye lids.

 Nivea A Kiss of Flavor: strawberry tinted lip cream SPF 4
The perfect thing ever for people who have dry lips but still want some color.

 Forever21 love & beauty eyebrow kit in medium
To be honest when i got this i didn't think it was going to work or even be the right color. But it works way better than what it looks like. The left side (that hit pan) i use to fill in my brows. The right side i use under my brows. (i do all of it with that little brush )

 COVERGIRL  Lash blast volume waterproof
The mascara of my summer. It never runs off. (POOL TIME!) This was also used in my Makeup Starter Kit (click here)

 NYC new york color lipstick in 319 Violet Shine
You have to try these lipsticks out. There only 99 cents and this color is my favorite. (the color on the label is not true to color) This lipstick shows up more pink on me.

 WetnWild cream eyeliner in 886
If you go through liners really fast or they smug or smear on you. Try this out! It will last a long time and it really is BLACK. (below is the brush it comes with) Some people don't like it but to me it works just fine.

 Forever21 compact mirror
A cute little mirror. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

 Forever21 retractable face brush
People always think this is a toothbrush holder or something X-rated, LOL.

 e.l.f. eyes.lips.face. Eyelid Primer in sheer
I recommended this in my Makeup Starter Kit (click here). I use it myself and it really does work.

 Maybelline fit me concealer in 35 Deep
This concealer gives great coverage. (I need to buy a new tube) Used in my Makeup Starter Kit (click here)

 NYC new york color Lengthening Mascara
This is used for my bottom lashes.

 L.A. Colors auto eyeliner in black
Any inexpensive retractable eyeliner is good for me.

 Myglam blinding and crease brushes
Got these with my Myglam subscription. I'm not subscribed any more, but that's a long story.

 A know name pink blush
If i can find this blush in the same color and finish I will for sure get it.
 Finishing Touch hair removing tool
I use this under the arch of my brows. It doesn't hurt to use and its fast.

 M•A•C dazzleglass in DAZZLEPUSS
I love Hello Kitty to death. I usually wear this on a night out. Its super glossy and it has a great smell.

June 17, 2012

Beauty Weekend: Fragrances


I came up with an idea to start something called "Beauty Weekend" for my blog. I thought it would be fun and a great way to start a conversation. So the first post for Beauty Weekend will be fragrances. I have quite a few, i know. Mostly all of them are fruity, because I tend to go for those types of smells most. (follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I post hints on what the next post will be)

Harajuku Lovers G - 1.0 fl oz
This fragrance smells like a island vacation. Coconut all the way...with a little floral or berries. It doesn't last long though
 Harajuku Lovers LOVE - 1.0 fl oz
This fragrance smells like sweet florals to me, a very cute scent
M Mariah Carey Luscious Pink - .5 fl oz
This is a very shy perfume. Its fruity and woody but doesn't yell at you. could be worn everyday without getting on your nerves or anyone else. LOVE IT!
M Mariah Carey - .5 fl oz
This smells sweet, marshmallow camp fire style. But its actually a light smell. it really makes me happy.
Britney Spears Fantasy - .5 fl oz
 I smell fruit and a very light chocolate wood scent. To me its a daytime smell for younger girls.
Love to the fullest by Reese Witherspoon - 1.7 fl oz
I won this perfume in a give away was hosting. Its a very clean and elegant sent, a bit to mature for me.
Victoria's Secret sexy little things NOIR - N/A
More fruity than sweet. But is defiantly a night time smell. smells like pears and apples. (my label is not white like it came because my pump tassel thing was leaking and perfume got on the label.

Super Model by Victoria's Secret (sheer fragrance mist) - 8.4 fl oz
Wearing this scent you will feel like a Super Model. It has a sweet smell that is not overwhelming, since it smells like it has some type of wood smell. Basically its an elegant scent for ages 16-30.
PINK with a splash fruity & bright - 8.4 fl oz
 Smells like fresh sweet fruit.
PINK with a splash sweet & flirty - 8.4 fl oz
S-w-e-e-t is the key word. Smells like sugar to me LOL.
PINK with a splash fresh & clean - 2.5 fl oz
Fresh and clean is not a joke. it really has a VERY clean smell. I'm happy i got the small bottle because in not really a fan.
Victoria's Secret PINK shimmer mist - 2.5 fl oz
This is basically Victoria's Secret Pink with a whole lot of glitter in it.
Love Spell by Victoria's Secret - 4.2 fl oz
I LOVE this scent and went through many bottles of it. The description they say it smells like is on point (Cherry Blossom, Peach & White Jasmine). The perfect combination.

Bath and Body Works black Raspberry vanilla - 8 fl oz
raspberry and vanilla explains it all. This also makes a great room scent.
Bath and Body Works Sweetpea forever - 8 fl oz
A scent that goes way back for me. This is a perfect young girl smell. Sweet but not suffocating.
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush juiced berry - 8.4 fl oz
Smells like a strawberry juice. You have to shake these up to mix the fragrance with the body conditioner. ( i use this when i get out the shower)
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush appletini - 8.4 fl oz
This is a body double mist too. It smells like Jolly Rancher green apple (use this when i get out the shower since it has skin conditioner in it).
Victoria's Secret Island Waters coconut water and pineapples - 8.4 fl oz 
This scent is refreshing. Pineapple is the scent you smell first and coconut is dragging behind. It like being on an island having a fruit drink on the white sand. Lovely

Hollister California Laguna Beach - 8.4 fl oz
This to me is more of a sweet floral. it has a strong alcohol smell. 
Sexiest Fantasies Va Va Voom! - 1.7 fl oz
Smells like fruit, floral and some type of liquor. It has to be a night time scent, its really Strong.
Sexiest Fantasies Love Struck - 1.7 fl oz
This smells just like Victoria's Secret "love spell". Its a complete dupe.
Sexiest Fantasies Strawberries & Champagne 1.7 fl oz
I dislike this smell so much. it smells like a person at a bar drunk so many fruity liquor drinks, got  super wasted and blew his breath in your face.
Hollister California Crescent Bay 8.4 fl oz
This is my favorite out of the two Hollister ones i have. Its super sweet and yummy. I recommend you test it out.

(this is a Victoria's Secret gift sample box .25 fl oz each)
Victoria's Secret PINK
Sexy Little Things ooh la la
Dream Angles Heavenly
Dream Angels Wish
Sexy Little Things
Very Sexy
Body by Victoria
*All of these were purchase by myself or gifted to me from a family member. Unless otherwise stated
*All of the fragrance description are my own thoughts/feelings. You have every right to disagree on how a fragrance smells.
*I was not paid or sponsored by any company to make or post this post.

June 16, 2012

Mini Cheeseburger Muffins


Cheeseburgers bring back very only memories from my childhood. I remember setting in the back seat (with my sister) in my grandmothers car, going through McDonald's drive through. My grandmother would order our lunch and it would always be a Happy Meal (cheeseburger, fries, a coke and toy). We would be so happy since we new when it was time for us to go back home, we wouldn't be having McDonald's in tell we go back to visit her. So when I came across this recipe (click here) I thought it would be great to make this for my sister and I for lunch. I love how its doesn't look like a traditional cheeseburger. So entertaining, this would be a great conversation starter (LOL).  The recipe is super quick and easy and don't take much time at all. Your going to love it!