Father's Day Gift Guide

Since Fathers Day is coming up {Sunday, June 17th} I thought i would put together a gift guide. I don't know about you but fathers are the hardest to shop for. When I did the Mothers day gift guide (click here), it was very simple to put together what your mom would like/want. Well, maybe its because I new what i would like to get on that day :). Therefor putting together this Fathers day gift guide I thought to myself, "If I was a father what would I like?" And Tah-Dah! here it is --->

1. Bobble Head Doll ...{For the collector dad that has a sense of humor}

2. Burgers: 50 Recepies Celebrating an American Classic...{For the dad who loves to cook}

3. Teavana Tea Gift Set...{For your dad who prefers tea over coffee}

4. Nike+ SportWatch GPS...{For the sports dad who likes to get out there and run}

5. Apple iPad 3...{For the electronic dad who has to stay connected everywhere he goes}

6. Studio beats by dr. dre...{For the dad who wants to hear his music clearly}

7. Nintendo Character shirt...{For the dad who is obsessed with video games}

8. Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew...{for the dad who works hard and wants to come home and sip on his favorite drink}

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