A Misplaced Find

Yesterday was "clean the attic day". A day where I went through all the stuff in the attic, that has been setting up and collecting dust and spiders for years. While doing that I came across a lot of old memories. Some good, some bad, and some that I just couldn't put my finger on. But the best part of all is finding my pink converse. I remember back in high school when I bought these lovely shoes. I thought they were the best things ever (since pink and green are my favorite colors) and know one else had them at the school I went to. I remember only wearing them once and then the next time I wanted to wear them, they couldn't be found. Well, now I know where they were this whole time. Therefor, the meaning behind this short story is sometimes things aren't always lost. You have just misplaced them or spring cleaning needs to be done more than just the spring time HAHA.


  1. haha :D I know this situation so well... lost so many pair of shoes xD but after years ago I found them o.O
    but they look great :D especially the converse and neon trend is back and they would be amazing!
    in btw keep up the great work with your blog, dear :))



    1. Thank You so much for leaving such a wonderful comment. I follow your blog now and i will keep in touch :)


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