Beauty Weekend: Color Blocking


Happy Beauty Weekend! Well today is Sunday a.k.a the last day of Beauty Weekend for this week. So I decided to do a look with some pops of color. Color blocking has been very big for a while now. Since I never really got into it, I thought makeup was a great way to start. If you would like to see any looks for the upcoming Beauty Weekends, please tell me in the comments down below. Without further adu, lets get started...

  •  Starting off with clean eye lids, use a eye primer of your choice and prime the eyelids and under the eye area.
  • Now pull out your Coastal Scents 88 eye shadow palette.

  • With an eye shadow brush pick up 1. and put it all over the eyelids and the bottom lash line area. When your done with that, do the same with 2. (this will make your eye shadows look brighter and true to color) Tip: If you have a white jumbo eye pencil, you can use that for this step.

  •  Now you will be using colors now. Don't get scared or feel intimidated, you cant mess up.
  • Take 1 and put that all over the eyelids (don't go all in the tear doc area, you want the white to stay there)
  • When your done with that, pick up some of 2. Number 2 is a really hot pink, you will need to focus that on the outer corner and bring it into the middle of the eyelids. DON'T FORGET: blinding is your friend.
  • The last step for the eye lid area is number 3. Focus this color on the outer corners and crease only.


  • Now we will be working on the bottom lash line. You will need a different brush for this part. I used a gel liner/ eyebrow brush.
  • Start of with 1 and get that color as close to the bottom lash line as possible. When that color shows up and look like a dark green eyeliner pick up some of 2 and put that color right on top.
  • When it looks nice to you, move on...
  • Now get your concealer brush and pick up 3. This will go right under the green line. When the yellow shows up move on to 4 and put that color right on top of the yellow.
  • Yayyy! your all done. Add some mascara to your top and bottom lashes and show off to your friends.
I hope you all liked this Beauty Weekend: How to. If you have any questions, leave them down below or email me...Have a Great Weekend XOXO

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