The Funeral Outfit

photo by _______(will fill in once i know who took it)

  • Blazer- Torrid Black Ruched Sleeve Blazer (click here)
  • top- Forever21 Longline V-neck cami (click here)
  • top- (can't find it on the site SKU# 11408994045 click here to see what it kind looked like)
  • jeans- Forever21 Fab Skinny Jeans (click here)
  • shoes- Torrid Plus Size Billie Black Patent Peep Toe Wedge (click here)
  • handbag- Forever21 Heart Lock Shoulder Bag (click here)
  • headband- Forever21 flower (bought it like 2 years ago)
  • necklace- Forever21 Key To My Heart (click here)
  • necklace- Forever21 Gold Chain (can't find it on the site SKU# 11175375021)
  • bracelet- bought it a while back (click here) to see what it looks like
  • earrings- Forever21 Pearl Set (can't find it on the site SKU# 16932555021)
  • earrings- Forever21 Cutout Flower (click here)

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