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Following me on other social networks, is the best way to keep track on whats going on with me. So why not stock me? Its free :)
  • Contact Me:   This email is for everyone (as of now). So, if your a business, who would like a product review or even a person who just likes my blog...slip me an email :)
  • Twitter: @HelloCortney   I update my twitter a lot. You will know what time i get up in the morning to when my blog post will be up. People who follow me on twitter also get the inside scoop on what will be posted next (through me hinting) and even products/food i like.
  • Facebook:   If you cant follow the blog page ( for idk what reason) Like my facebook page. You will get updated through the time line and its quick and easy on a network your always using.
  • Pinterest:  This is just an inspiration board for me. So you will get to see my ideas/ things i like.
  • Instagram: @fashionshychild   A lot of pictures get posted on here first. Even picture you don't see on my "Photo Diary" section (which i need to update, talked about that on twitter)
  • Tumblr:   Tumblr is just like my instagram in away. I post pictures on there and i re post post i like (your post could be next)
That should be everything. If I did leave out something I will tell you on Twitter or Facebook. Use this list to your advantage, I'm also taking request for makeup looks. So if there is a look you wont me to do, please tell me.  Be Kool, stay in the LooP.

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