Style a Nike Tee

For my birthday I received this Nike Tee. (click here to see photo) I have been trying to come up with ways to style it since its not fitted. So I came up with these Three ways. Number 1. This first look i have to say its my favorite. Its very laid back but stylish at the same time. Its kinda urban, so if that's not your style this wouldn't work for you. (You gotta love Doorknocker earrings, click here) Number 2. This outfit is for you guys who like to look more put together, but have a little edgy side. (I'm loving those wedges, what do you think about the spike headband (here)? Outfit Number 3. is very edgy. This is also an outfit you will have to rock. Meaning: wear with pride, who cares what anyone thinks. (I believe you can pull it off)
I hope you all liked how I styled these three outfits, with one tee. Down in the comments, tell me what one you liked the most 1, 2 or 3.

*Here is the link if you want to purchase the Nike Shoe Game Tee (here)
*I was not payed or sponsored by Nike or Footlocker to do this post. Nor by anyone else.

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  1. thank you for commenting. i honestly love how you put this nike shirt together, both looks are sexy and casual.. i love casual looks


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