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So back to school is here and do you feel like you have know time to hang out and do the things you love? SHOPPING! Well your in luck, Mallzee is a new website that will be launching later this year. The concept is you add the brands you love to your very own Mallzee mall. Then the website finds items you will love that goes with your very own unique fashion style. Once you get your Mallzee mall together chat with your friends, have them buy items from your Mallzee mall and you buy from theirs. Its just like hanging out in the mall but 1,000 times more better. You don't have to wait in those long lines or worry if they have your size. There is also over 200 amazing stores to choose from. But here is the icing on the lovely cupcake... When your friends purchase something from your mall, you get paid! (like no joke) The only thing is, This is an Exclusive Invitation. You will need to go to and put your email in the box and press...GO! I am already signed up and i cant wait for it to officially launch. So make sure you sign up so we can hang out on

*This is not a sponsored post nor did i get paid to write this.
*The site is free to join 

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