BACK TO SCHOOL: Backpack Beauty Bag

Welcome to another post for the Back To School Post Special. This post is all about your beauty bag. Going though my years of schooling one of the things that i always seen was an over packed beauty bag. Girls would have a tone of makeup from eye shadows, to lipsticks, even a massive mascara collection. But realistically you don't need all of that. Exceptionally if your asking everyone for the basics. Therefor I thought of some basic products you should always have in your beauty bag, so you wont be the student unprepared.

  • Hand Sanitizer: This is important because school the most germiest places. (in my opinion) Not only that, school season is always during the sick season. When everyone somehow gets a cold. I would (well i still do) use this after opening doors and before eating anything.
  • Oil Blotting Sheets: Through out the day you will get oily. Don't pound on the powder, just oil blot your face. This way the oil will be gone and you wont look cakey. Know One Likes a Cake face!
  • Retractable eye liner: Don't bring an eye pencil that you have to sharpen. It is way to much work and pencil shaving make such a mess. I never did understand why girls would being an eye pencil that needed to be sharpen but would write with a pencil that needed the same thing. Think about it!
  • Q-tips and Band Aids: the Q-Tips are for eyeliner that might have ran down a little bit. I also carry them in my bag just in case an eye lash or something gets in my eye. I will use a Q-tip to get it out. You will never know when you will need a Band Aid. Paper cuts to me are the most reason to always have them. (I keep these to things in an old Starbucks Gum container, Great Idea..huh?)
  • Retractable face brush: This is something I think everyone should have if they carry a makeup brush with them in there purse or backpack. This way your brush will stay clean and so will the inner surface of your bag.
  • Face Powder: You might need this and you might not. I just suggest bringing it because you will be at school for a lot of hours, so a touch up would be nice.
  • Comb: I only used a comb in school my freshman and sophomore year of High School. Those were the years i had P.E. (i didn't really care about looks in middle school). So if you haven't experienced P.E., that is the class that can really mess up your look.
  • Lip Balm: You need some type of lip product. So i feel like lip balm is perfect. Manly because Lipstick is to much for school and the only color you can really get a way with is a nude or a pink so why bother. Lip balm will also keep your lips hydrated and from getting chapped.
  • Hair pins: Basically to pin your fly a ways back. I have bangs and during windy days hair pins come in Handy.
  • Hair Ties: Ever body and there momma ask for a hair tie in school. Especially during P.E. time. I never did understand why people never hand a hair tie during P.E. when you new, you would have to put your hair up for this time period. Out of everything I mentioned in this post, This to me is the top 1 most important.

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