BACK TO SCHOOL: Fashion Tag!

1. What is your favorite accessory?
Earrings, Earrings, Earrings...I love them! You wont ever see me leave the house without earrings.

2. Whos your role model? (in real life and YT blog life)
I dont have someone I look up to in real life, that i know. But i can say i do learn from there mistakes. The person I look up to in Blog life would have to be HRH Collection. She is such a role model and everything she does is in a positive way. You can find her at or at

3. What do you always carry with you?
That would have to be My Cellphone. I cant leave the house without it. Its also the way i stay connected with you through Twitter and Email. I'm in love with BlackBerry and i don't think that will every change <3.

4. What would you describe your fashion style as?

I would describe my fashion style as ME. I don't fit into just one or two categories. I'm all over the place. But i can say its Laid Back Urban City Kid...LOL.

5. Favorite: jeans, sunglasses, heels?

MY Favorite jeans are the Forever21 plus size skinny jeans in black. I have so many pairs of them you all will thank I'm crazy. My favorite sunglasses are A.J. Morgans Swan Lakes. I have them in my Favorite Section too. My favorite heels? LOL, Cortney don't wear heels. I do like wedges though :).

6. What inspired you to make fashion videos post?
I love this question! The thing that inspires me to make fashion post is mainly to show you( and everyone else) that there isn't just one or a few ways to dress. There is a lot of ways and just because you see it on the runway or in a magazine doesn't mean you have to dress that way. Most of the time i feel like people forget who they are through clothing. So, therefor I make fashion post to show people its okay to be yourself :).

7. What is your favorite fashion store/shop?

Forever21 and Torrid. I get a BIG portion of my clothes from those stores. (as you seen in my outfit post)

8. What is your favorite fabric in clothing?
Cotton... i also like Lace, Tee-Hee!

9. Who is your favorite designer?
Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs

10. Who/what inspires your fashion?
The top three designers above, inspire my fashion. They are the closes to my sense of style and personality. The other thing that inspired me is music video/ Hip Hop celebrities

11. What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it your self if you can?

I would choose to make it myself. That way if it turns out great, i can have it in every color and style.

 I thought this would be a great Tag to do. It is also a great way for yall going back to school to really think about what you like and your style. If you answered these questions let me know. See you tomorrow for another BACK TO SCHOOL POST SPECIAL!
*Tag came from YouTube

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