Beauty Weekend: Elle Cosmetics

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Happy Beauty Weekend! Looking though the September issue of ELLE Magazine (US edition Katy Perry on the cover) Iv noticed an ad on page 491. It wasn't just any company ad, it was ELLE telling us that they have a cosmetic line Only at Kohl's. But if your like me and never shopped at kohl's before or don't even know were a Kohl's is at, you can shop online

I did take some time to go to the site and check out what they have. I do have to say I was quite surprised. They have eye products ranging from eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. They have lip products like Lipsticks, lip liner and lip gloss. With there Face products they have blush, bronzer and a face primer. I wonder why I don't see face powders, does the line have them? There is a nail section that has nail lacquer, clear coat, nail clippers and scissors, cuticle nippers and a nail filer. There is one more section called accessories and this is were you will find cosmetic bags and cases, makeup brushes and Tweezers.

Now you might be wondering, "How much does this cost?" Well looking at all the products online prices ranged from $10USD - $30USD. Yes, this line is a little bit pricey. So i would suggest checking out some reviews before buying. I will list some reviews I found online down below.

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