Beauty Weekend: School Makeup

 Happy Beauty Weekend! This look was meant for kids going back to school. But it can be for anyone who needs a non dramatic but put together look. I know in the morning a lot of girls/ women are in a rush and makeup is the last thing you want to be worried about. This look took less than 5 min. to do any you also don't need any makeup brushes. You will be using your finder to put on the eye shadow. So lets get started! :)
* I am not a makeup artist nor have i had any makeup training/ schooling.
* I am not affiliated with any of the companies shown or mentioned. Nor did i get paid to do this post.

1. Using Urban Decays Cream Shadow in Rehab put this color all over the eyelid. (this will be your base)

2. Get out Urban Decays eyeshadow in Sin. (this color also comes in the NAKED Palette) Using your finger place this color all over the eyelids. (I've noticed when using my finder to apply the eyeshadow there was no fall out... added bonus!)

image 3. Using L.A. COLORS Liquid eyeliner in Black/brown apply this to the top lash line. (you can get really creative with this part) Do not apply anything to the bottom lash line.
4. Using L'OREAL Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Carbon Black apply it to your top lashes. (Do not apply any to the bottom)

5. Now you are all done with your eyes. Fill in your eyebrows and add a lip gloss or a Nude lipstick (I used a lipstick by Studio Gear Cosmetics in Whisper...its a brownie nude that smells like chocolate)

I hope you liked this School Makeup look. But if your looking for another look, make sure to check out my Beauty section

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