FashionShyChild : October 2012

October 26, 2012

Old School Classy


Faith 21 by Forever21 Dress, Torrid fish net tights, Torrid wedge shoes, Forever21 quilted purse, necklace and flower headband

This is an outfit I put together for Halloween. Remember you don't always have to but a costume, you could always put together one yourself. I call this Old School Classy because I believe it looks very vintage inspired with the ever oh so classy pearls and gold chains. What do you think about my big flower headband? Very Alison in Wonderland inspired, huh!
If you would like to see how I did my makeup for this look go over to my Beauty Blog





(Photos were taken with my IPad, not my digital camera)

October 20, 2012

Beauty Weekend: Gothic Night

Just in case you didn't see this Halloween look on my new Beauty blog, here you go.
Halloween is of course coming up. Do you know what your going to be? (let me know in the comments below) I'm testing out looks on my extended Beauty page and this is one of them. I'm really starting to like this Gothic look.*** P.S.: I forgot to put mascara on (my bad)
e.l.f eyelid primer
Coastal Scents 88 color eye shadow palette
e.l.f Eyeshadow "C" Brush
Jordana easyliner retractable pencil in Smokey
2 myglam brushes
PLAYBOY Shimmering Lip Gloss in Green Apple

View more photos of this look:

Outfit for the look:


Video on how to get any lip color:

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October 19, 2012

Ever been to?

If you have never heard of KARMALOOP, its a fashion website. That sells brands like Crooks & Castles, tokidoki, Your Eyes Lie, Brixton, UNIF and way, way more. Other than selling fashion, they also sell a little bit of beauty products from brands we all LOVE! So make sure to check out for a great shopping experience.
P.S. - the bottom of this post has a discount code. :)
*My fashion picks from Karmaloop*

  1. LA Boutique The Radness Cardigan in Gray
  2. The Crooks Script French Terry Crewneck in Charcoal Heather Camo
  3. LRG The Increase Peace Scoop Neck Tee in Black
  4. Betsey Johnson The Turtle Long Necklace
  5. Han Cholo The Love Thy Neighbor Pendent in Brass Plated Silver
  6. Brixton The Florence Beanie in Electric Blue
  7. tokidoki The Continental Bowling Bag
  8. Your Eyes Lie in Burgundy

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*Visit to see my Beauty picks

October 16, 2012

Urban Outfitters Controversial T-Shirts

On Monday October 15, 2012 I was watching Anderson Cooper show called "Anderson Live". On the show Anderson and his guest co host Tasha Smith were talking about a controversy going on with Urban Outfitters T-shirts. Not all of the t-shirts just the alcohol ones!
(watch clip below for a better understanding)

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My Views/opinion on the topic:
 I don't think this should be a controversy. Manly because its not targeting  Race, Sex, Gender or Age. I'm an open minded person and i think the people that have a problem with these shirts are not! (there over thinking the concept). When you go/shop at Urban Outfitter you should already no what your getting your self into. The key word is "URBAN" and urban style is a way of self expression 
(telling the world who you are though your clothes and style.)
Would you buy this shirt?
I would personally buy these shirts. My favorite one is "Vote For Vodka". Do I drink? Yes, some times i do. Are you of age to drink? Yes, I am (I'm 22). Wearing this shirt wouldn't make me want to drink more and Urban Outfitters hasn't promoted it, to do that.
How you raise your kids:
In the show they kept bringing up under age kids and how these shirts will promote under age drinking. Well it all come down to how your kids think. If you raised them right, they should be able to think for them selves. You cant hold there hands and fight there battles for ever.
So the conclusion to this topic is Urban Outfitters isn't your kids parents. They did not promote these shirt for under age kids. Nor did they say drinking is cool. so make sure you know the meaning and the history behind a company before you start picking on them.
Tell me what you think in the comments below or on twitter! 

October 11, 2012

UGGs! Why Aren't You Talking?

Over the past few years (well like 5-6 years) everyone and their momma were talking about UGGs. I also seen it turn into a competition on how many pairs you can have in different colors and styles. But for some strange reason it stopped and I don't understand why. So therefor I went on UGGs website and took a look around. Here are six pairs that I like and I think you will like too!

Untitled #43

  1. Womens Classic Short Graffiti 
  2. Womens Tasman 
  3. Womens Classic Short Cancer Awareness Boot 
  4. Womens Bailey Button Metallic 
  5. Womens Calyndra 
  6. Womens Classic Short Sequin Sparkle 

October 9, 2012

A Dark Day

Forever21+ Jacket and leggings, Torrid purse

Halloween is of course coming up. Do you know what your going to be? (let me know in the comments below) I'm testing out looks for my extended Beauty page and this is one of them. I'm really starting to like this Gothic look. *If you like the makeup look from this post, click HERE to see how to get it.

photos by Eric