FashionShyChild : UGGs! Why Aren't You Talking?

October 11, 2012

UGGs! Why Aren't You Talking?

Over the past few years (well like 5-6 years) everyone and their momma were talking about UGGs. I also seen it turn into a competition on how many pairs you can have in different colors and styles. But for some strange reason it stopped and I don't understand why. So therefor I went on UGGs website and took a look around. Here are six pairs that I like and I think you will like too!

Untitled #43

  1. Womens Classic Short Graffiti 
  2. Womens Tasman 
  3. Womens Classic Short Cancer Awareness Boot 
  4. Womens Bailey Button Metallic 
  5. Womens Calyndra 
  6. Womens Classic Short Sequin Sparkle 

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