Chips... Oh So GOOD!

  1. Funyuns- If you see me and i have a bag of chips, its most likely these. I'm obsessed, so obsessed I would love to be a sponsored for them...LOL! Make sure you try the Flamin Hot ones those are good too!
  2. Sun Chips in French Onion- When I want more of a healthy day i get these. They taste so fresh and light, i don't feel guilty that I'm eating chips. I also like the Original and the Harvest Cheddar Flavors.
  3. Lays Kettle Cooked in Jalapeno- By looking at the bag you might think these are hot (since there is a Chile in the bag) but they are really not. These chips also have a different taste then all the rest i like. When you try these you will be so upset that you been passing buy them.
  4. Chester's Fries in Flamin Hot- If you know me you also know I'm obsessed with French Fries. So hot fries are the way to go. They are addicting so don't be surprised if you eat the hole bag in one setting.
  5. Pringles in Original- These are great for school. (I'm just saying, they have a lid) These come in a lot of flavors, I personal like the ones in showing you. They have a classic chip taste (i think they are baked, I'm not sure)

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