Party Purse

 I decided to do this post because I now a lot of people will be attending Holiday party's. (even New Year Party's) But planing to attend this wonderful Holiday party, do you have any clue what purse you will be bringing? I know like 85% of you are going to be like, "I'm bringing a CLUTCH!" Well the thing about clutches are, you have to hold them! I know myself will not be bringing a clutch that i have to hold while trying to socialize (giving hugs/kisses and drinking) to a wonderful party. So here is my suggestion...

So this is my Forever21 crossbody or shoulder bag (not really sure what you would call it). I would suggest a bag like this to wear/use at any type of party you will be attending. As you can see in the top picture i tuck in the straps. its a great idea for the people who want that CLUTCH like feel.

Now we have reached the end. I hope I have sold you on getting a bag like this for party's you attend. Mainly because they fit everything you will be needing for the night and you can put the straps around you body while dancing. I always hear a lot of story's from girls (mainly at at club) about how they lost/misplaced there clutches at a party. Many leave it in the Restrooms or on the counter at a bar/drink spot. So be safe this Holiday season, and keep up with your important stuff while having fun.


  1. Oh my gosh.. I'm dying to get this purse now for a new years party! It's just so cute. I'm obsessed.

    1. Sorry, I'm late replying. Here is a link to the purse


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