The Perfect Red Lip

 Hi guys! This post is about achieving The Perfect Red Lip. But lets face it, we also need it to last a long time. I will help you achieve all of that. This is how I do it...
 1. Get out your favorite lip moisturizer and moisturizer your lips. (I'm using Dermstore Lip Quench. Its a great moisturizer that really does last a long time)

 2. After having your lip balm on for a bit, get a napkin or tissue and blot off the excess balm.

image 3. Using Wet n Wild's lip pencil in 711 Chestnut (this is my favorite lip pencil and color) outline your lips. (you can go outside your natural lip line if you want a fuller lip) fill in the lips a little bit with the pencil too. (this will help with color bleeding and long lasting)

 4. Now on to the lip stick. Using Wet n Wild's lip stick in 911D Stoplight Red take your lip brush and pick up some product. Now pat the lip stick that is on the brush all over your lips. (this will fill in any lines or cracks that you have on your lips)

image  5. Fill in those lips! (you can used the lip stick tube if you want now)

image 6. The Finish LOOk. I love the way my lips look with this lipstick. (the picture isn't much of a justice, because this color is truly beautiful. I hope this post helped you achieve The Perfect Red Lip. If you have any question please let me know.
image *I am not affiliated with Wet n Wild, nor was this a sponsored post

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