Baghaus Picks

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So I came across this website while looking online for a new bag. I remember coming to this website like 2-3 years back after watching a YouTube video (I don't remember who's though). But i am so happy i came across it again. Baghaus seems to be up to date on the top styles. So i decided to pick the Top 5 I like. (the number order is correct) In the comment section, tell me what you think about the site! :)

*I am not affiliated with Baghaus in any way. I am also not paid to do this post.

  1. Urban Expressions Chantelle Bag in Black
  2. Urban Expressions Mimi Pam Messenger in Natural 
  3. Hello Kitty Leopard Embossed Wallet
  4. Hello Kitty Mustache Face Ipad Sleeve
  5. Urban Expressions Studded Maxwell Clutch Messenger in Black 



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