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Hello! So I was sent these three Palmolive dish liquids from . I am so grateful to have the opportunity to test these out and be able to give you a review. Therefor in this review, I will cover these Points: Shipping, Packaging, Product review (with Pros & Cons), and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :)

Shipping: The shipping was super fast. I was notified last Tuesday January 8, 2013 that a package for me (from will be coming in the mail. The next day (early in the morning 10AM) my package was here...Yayyy! So therefore Influenster has great shipping.

Packaging: My package came in a cardboard box with bubble wrap. It was very secure and individually wrapped with the bubble wrap. I did have one problem with the Lime Basil (the green one) it was sticky, like some spilled out but it was shut (so i don't know). But everything was nicely package and very thoughtful. The did put a card in there saying, "Congratulations! You have been hand selected....etc." with more info about the products. There was also five...Yes, FIVE coupons fore $1.50 USD off a 16oz Dish soap.

Product Review: So I did receive three Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Liquids (even though i have only used one). One in Ginger White Tea (pink one), one in Lemon Thyme (yellow one), and one in Lime Basil (green one). I have been using the Lime Basil (green one) only because it was the one that was sticky. I wanted to start out with the Ginger White Tea (pink one) because the name interested me.

So the Lime Basil is a great smelling sent, even though the name isn't much attractive. When washing your dishes with this dish liquid, you only need a little bit. This soap bubbles like crazy and gives a great lather. It also gets your dishes really clean and shiny. You dishes will even have a little scent left over on them (clean smelling, i love). Also you will see (or in this case smell) why they call this Fresh Infusions, your whole kitchen will be infused with a lovely clean sent. But don't get me wrong, just because these soaps are lingering smelling they are not headache prone. So if smells give you a headache this wont.

Pros- great smelling, only need a little, wont dry out your hands, gets dishes clean/shiny, wont give you a headache

Cons: None!!!

 My Final Thoughts: I recommend everyone goes out any buy/try this for yourself. I can only rave so much about this. Because trying this kind of Palmolive really changed my whole prospective on how i feel about the Palmolive brand. So once you test Palmolive Fresh Infusions out, Make sure you leave me a comment with your thoughts. I hope this review helped you out! :)

*Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap provided generously by Influenster and Palmolive.
*I was not made or paid to do this review. All thoughts are my honest opinion.


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