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Hello Everyone!!! I'm here to announce that I will start VLOGGING on YouTube now. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time on but I want to be were more people are and YouTube is the place. Therefore here is a link for you to subscribe {{ fashionshychildTV }} and below are all of my VLOGS  i did before. (so you can catch up and get a feel) P.S.: Thank You! for subscribing to my new VLOG channel fashionshychildTV in advance.

VLOG- Going Back Home August 3, 2012

VLOG- Morning Donuts make a Technical Fail August 4, 2012

VLOG- Long video post and coconut juice August 5,2012

VLOG: Tiny Pup Attacks Phineas Flynn AUGUST14,2012

VLOG: Jamba Juice & Walgreens with Crystal SEPTEMBER 7,2012

VLOG: Super Duper Burger is so good! December 8, 2012

VLOG: Target Try Again December 10th, 2012

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