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Hello Everyone! So this is a Review for the "Revlon Just Bitten Kissable". I received this Balm Stain for Christmas, witch you can see here. I wish I could show you all the colors the collection has, but I only have one... Sorry! The one that i will be talking about is in 020 Lovesick. Iv seen this color in a couple of magazines because it was the ad coloEmma Stone was wearing. I of course talked about it and wanted it, but never got a chance to get it... in tell Christmas. 

The Review

Packaging: The packaging is by far amazing. My favorite part is the twistable bottom. Thank you Revlon! (because you know sharpeners is the thing of the past)...I ain't got time for that! (LMAO) It is also nice how they have the color name on the tube and also a sticker name on the bottom.

Product review: The product goes on smoothly, very smoothly. Its true to color, so the color you see on the tube is the color you will get. When you take the top off you will see a crayon tip with a point. To me this makes it easy to put on and a less of a chance of your lip product breaking. It does have a smell and to me it smells like "mint"...kinda like peppermint candy. But the smell does go away after you apply it and it dries (so you wont be smelling that mint all day). The product is a balm stain and they really mean that. Balm meaning moister and stain meaning the color will stain looking very natural. It will last a very long time, so no need to reapply more than once.

Pros- True to color, Moisturizing, Long lasting, Convenient packaging

Cons- Mint or peppermint candy Smell

My Final Thoughts: I recommend that everyone should try this product. I know i will be purchasing more. I wish Revlon could change the smell, but its not that big of a deal.

Revlon Revlon Revlon Revlon

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