Valentine's Day Guide

1. Dinner

The easiest thing you can do for Valentines day is taking your love one out for a meal. I put this first on the guide because people fail at this one all the time. If your planing on going out to a fancy place that needs reservation, RESERVE THEM NOW! Don't ruin everything because you got to busy at work or with life. There is also an alternative that I think is more romantic... DINNER AT HOME!  a nice meal at home for your love one and don't have to deal with the Valentines day rush. 

2. Gift
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Don't spend a lot of money... (please don't). If the person really loves you, its the though that counts. The other thing, this is not just a girls holiday i think... GIRLS GET YOUR MAN SOMETHING! Don't you think your boy friend/husband wont some candy or even a new video game? I know mine does! Get creative (the picture is really helpful..hint, hint)

3. Movie
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This is a great beginners idea, meaning if your young (teen) or just started dating. Going to the movies is a great date. Your spending a great amount of money on the person, so why not. You can always have movie time at your place. Get all of your favorites and watch them together... Valentines Day is a great one!

4. Memories
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I think this is a really great idea. You can VLOG your date or even take pictures of the fun time. Memories are everything! Think about it, even if your just started dating. What if in 5 years you both get married and have kids, you can always look back at this day. 

5. Outfit

A new OutFit, Say what!? Yep, get your self something nice. There is a lot of websites that sell intimate attire. But since your cutting it close i suggest you go to the store. So Frederick's of Hollywood has a lot of nice stuff and even ranges in styles. They also have great prices. If your plus size don't fill like you cant look sexy will have your size.

6. Party
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This is for all my single people (see i didn't leave you out). You should through a part invite all the single people you know (tell then to invite some people) then you can still have fun. Make it Valentines day them and have games. (if you are under age ask your parents for permission)


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