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DIY organize

When I used to live at home with my mom, I was a true magazine hoarder. I would buy magazines like crazy and keep them all, like a mad woman. I would by notebooks and binders and keep clippings  but that was way to much and still hoarding. So now that i have started all over with my magazine collection (non-intentional) I decided to store clippings this way. 

Items You Will Need:
-5 pocket accordion file
(got mine at target for $1)

Step 1: Get your accordion file out (I got mine at Target in the dollar section)
DIY organize
Step 2: Inside your accordion fine you will find label stickers. With your pen wright out the different categories you want to store your clippings under.

DIY organizeStep 3: Place your sticker labels on the tabs in your fine. If your file doesn't have a tab for the first section, place it in the file part. (just like "fashion" is for my file)

DIY organizeStep 4: Get out all of them Magazines you have been hoarding.

DIY organize
Step 5: Rip out the pages you like or cut out the items you like.

DIY organizeStep 6: Place the pages/clippings in piles by there category.

DIY organizeStep 7: When your done going through all of your magazines, place the magazines pages/clippings in the appropriate section. Now you can recycle all those magazines you don't need anymore. :)

DIY organize


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