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Top three
{Kira Kira Sample Jewelry}

About 2 weeks ago I was given these two pairs of earrings at work. I was told that they where samples pieces, so that's all i really know about them. I am also trying to find the perfect outfit to wear them with. Therefor you will be seeing them again.

Top three
{Nintendo Game Boy IPhone 5 Case}

I am in love with this case! If you didn't know other than fashion & beauty I am a hard core gamer. I have been a gamer since i was a kid and when i was a kid i was blessed to have a lot of gaming systems and The Nintendo Game Boy Color was one of them. But as you know, everything is better in PINK!

Top three
{Coliseum Fireworks after a big game}

When i gets around this time of year, the coliseum will put on a lot of firework shows after a game. Some might say I'm luck, i will say I'm blessed to be able to see fireworks so often. This photo was taken with my IPhone 5 by the way :)

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