FashionShyChild : August 2013

August 29, 2013

Advice: How To Save MONEY

Saving money is a really big part of life. That is why your parents tried there best to teach you this skill at a young age. That is also why they gave you an allowance... (I never got one). But if your now at an age where you have a job and don't have any saving for your feature, take what I'm about to say to account. 
This is my way on how i save money. I have never had a money management class or anything like that... so lets begin!

1. Monthly Expenses
This is one of the most important parts to saving money. You need to have a good idea on how much the important things cost like rent and water. So make a list of 3 catagories... i like to used House, Food, work and entertainment/extras.
  • Rent
  • water
  • electricity
  • trash
  • cable/Internet (this can also be an extra)
  • groceries
  •  transportation 
  • lunch (this can also be an extra)
Entertainment/ extras
  • movies
  • cable/Internet
  • work lunch
  • eating out 
  • shopping
So once you have you monthly expense's worked out, now you know how much money you really have.

2. Set a Savings Goal
I personal like to set a long time goal because a short time goal like a handbag, shoes, video game is an extra to me. $o set something like $500 the once you reach that move up another $500 so your goal is $1000. If you see savings as like a game your more likely to save so you can win.

3. Keep a record of how much you spend
This is very important to see what your spending your money on. Maybe make coffee at home instead of buying Starbucks everyday. This way when saving or extras come along you will have it
4. Save 
I like to put at the least 10% of my check in savings So lets say in 2 weeks i made 590.55. That mean 59.06 will be  put into savings. But at the end of the month (most people get paid 2 times a month) I would have saved 118.12 yesss!
I hope this helped you out because this is what works for me. If you didn't get anything out of this just understand saving 10% of your check is a great way to save money.
PS: if you have a topic you would like me to cover, let me know in the comment section below or on my social media sites. Thank You!

August 27, 2013

My Iphone 5 Case Collection

iPhone case collection

My love for phone cases has been around since i got a phone in the 8th grade. Its something about expressing your personal style that i cant get enough of. its also a great conversation starter. Anyways in this post i will be showing you my iPhone cases and telling you where i purchases them at. I hope you enjoy and if you have an iPhone let me know what cases you have.

1. Light Blue Polka Dot Rubber Skin Case
Polka dote case
 I purchases this cases off of Amazon (here). Its a really durable case and fits the phone well. Have been think of buying another in a different color.

  2. Nintendo Game Boy case in pink
Game boy case
I purchases this cases right after i bought my phone. I should have waited because it was $30 at a mall cart shop. Sooo over priced!. If you want one i suggest buying it off f Amazon. case

3. Peace & Love case
Peace and love case
 I purchased this case at Old Navy. it was on sale for 5 or 10$ (not really sure) but the cases is sooo hard to get off of your phone. I would not buy this again.

4. Fancy Owls
Owl case
 This was purchases off of amazon (here). It is such a cute and different case. (my boyfriend thinks this cases is ugly... LOL) It does have a front and back part.

5.  Bunny case with tail in pink
Bunny case
 This cases is sooo freaking cute. The tail is the only part that pisses me off since it doesn't stay on. But other than that i suggest getting this cases. I did buy this off of amazon.

6. Black with Gold Dots
Black with gold dots
 This cases was purchases at forever21. it has a great fit and its just my style. would buy from them again.

August 26, 2013

Apple Bottom Paisley

Apple bottom paisley 1
 Top: Apple Bottom V-neck tee (here) | Jeans: Hybrid & Company Foil Paisley Print (here) | Shoes: Apple Bottom Biner Canvas Sneaker (here

This weekend i decided to wear a bright outfit. Those of you who have been following me for a while know I never wear light colored jeans. I don't know what has changed this summer but I'm in love. It could be the print on them that makes me more attracted to them. but nether the less I'm trying new things and growing. PS: can you see my addiction to makeup on my shirt?  :)

Apple bottom paisley 2 Apple bottom paisley 3 Apple bottom paisley 4 Apple bottom paisley 5 photos by Eric 

August 21, 2013

August Ipsy Bag

This months ipsy bag was way more useful than last months. I get to test out higher end products and see what i think. (Since I'm mostly a drug store type of gal) I cant believe I get to test out the new urban decay lipstick! I'm even thinking about doing a review on it. If you would like more information on any product shown, i will be more than happy to tell you... Enjoy! 

Products in this months bag:
1. Mica Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in 17 Bronze 
2. Michael Todd true organics Pumpkin nutrient rich facial mask
3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in #69
4. Pixi Lash Boosting Mascara
5. Nailtini nail polish in Mai Tai

Crosses all over

Jacket, Jeans & Necklace : | Shirt & Shoes:

Crosses as a fashion trend has become a part of my life. I don't go all out and crazy with it but a pop/statement piece works. But after walking around town this past weekend I got a lot of complements on this outfit. (Well mainly this cross shirt) Depending on how you interpret the questions/complements being said, some were nice as others were just plane out shocking. So with that being said, " Do you wear cross pieces for the fashion trend or for a sign of religion?"

August 18, 2013

Back To School HELP!

class is in session

Back to school is right around the corner and for some of you it has already started. Therefore I have rounded up some of my favorite post to help you this school year. So get your notebooks out and a #2 pencil because its note taking time!

 1. Everyday Pop of Color

This is a Monday - Friday pop of color makeup post. Perfect for you with no time to spare in the mornings. Just add a pop of color and get going!

My top three picks to get you through the school year happily. From your backpack, binders and pens to even a puzzle.

Still not sure what your style is? Answer these 11 question (honestly) and you will find out more about yourself. Its great knowing what you like and what you don't like. But remember always be your true self.

 Keeping my makeup organized is a huge deal to me. In school or not staying organized makes everything less stressful. So take a look at how I organize my makeup. PS: you even get to see some products :)

 Know matter what grade you are in, if you wear makeup simple and natural is the way to go. Remember you are BEAUTIFUL! No need for a caked face.

Your backpack beauty bag is your at school survival kit. So here is a few things that i think should be in there. Even though looking back i forgot personal time products ;) .

The basics is the starting point for everything, even fashion/style. So here is a rundown of Wardrobe essentials you need to have.

So that has been everything. I hope you took great notes and lets have a wonderful school year. If there is anything i missed out or you would like me to do a post on let me know in the comment section below.

August 15, 2013

OPI San Francisco Collection

Looking through an Ulta weekly ad/catalog i got in the mail, I've noticed that the OPI San Francisco Collection was finally out. Being that i am from the bay area and grew up just 10 min out side of the city, i got really excited. Fall/Winter is right around the corner and these colors all work to tell the story about San Francisco.

Even though these colors look so amazing and the names make me smile. I don't see myself going out and buying the whole collection. But if i do have to narrow it down to five it would be...
  1. Peace & Love
  2. Incognito in Sausalito
  3. Muir Muir on the Wall
  4. Embarca- Dare Ya!
  5. Alcatraz... Rocks (from the Liquid Sand Shades)
I hope this helps your narrow down what colors you want. Remember there is a mini pack you could buy. But if you are going to buy or even already did what colors called your name?

August 14, 2013

Blueberry Floral

Blueberry floral 1
Shoes: Apple Bottoms "Blueberry Floral" from

I've been knowing about since High School. I have also been to the New York City store back in 2007. But after all these years this past weekend has been the very first time I placed an order on the site. That being said I have to say these Apple Bottom floral shoes has to be hands down my favorite from the two pairs I bought. I have always wanted floral shoes but could never find ones I really liked. (since I have big feet) But these are perfect! The print looks somewhat like a painting and they go with mostly every outfit I wear. They bring that pop to a dark outfit and they feel good on. I have worn these shoes 3 times now and two of those days were at work. Therefor with all that being said go get yourself a pair, I am very serve you will love them. <3

Blueberry floral 2
Blueberry floral 3
 photos by Eric

August 12, 2013

25 Facts About Me

1. The Bay Area has been my home my whole life
2. That being said I never see myself leaving
3. My favorite movies are Clueless, Glitter, Princess and the Frog & Despicable Me 1 and 2
4. I LOVE Potatoes
5. My long time nickname is Cora
6. I went to college for Fashion Design... then dropped out!
7. I am plus size
8. Aldo has became my new favorite store
9. I have two younger sisters
10. Hip Hop and Reggae are my favorite types of music.
11. I know mostly every Disney musical song
12. I have been an Apple person my whole life
13. I am very shy! But once i get to know you that will change
14. Art was my favorite subject in school
15. Hello Kitty is an obsession of mine
16. My faces is very expressive
17. I'm a Leo
18. I see my self as being a cartoon character
19. I'm a child at heart
20. Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream. Even though I'm lactose intolerant
21. I will always want to be this age
22. I love pink lipsticks
23. Is how old i am
24. I have soo many piercings
25. I was somewhat sheltered growing up. Even though I'm very street smart

August 11, 2013

Roman Fashion

Roman fashion 1
Top & Shoes: Dr. Jays | Bag, Necklace & Bracelets: Aldo | Lips: Revlon just bitten in sweetheart Valentine & Urban Decays lip junkie lip gloss in wallflower

I try to find different ways to defined my style. Since I can get stuck wearing colors I feel very comfortable in. So doing some online shopping this past week I decided to venture out an get colors I wouldn't wear on a everyday bases. But that doesn't mean changing what I really like. I still bought stripes,blue, black and gold detailed things, just in different forms. You will see what I mean in the posts to come.

Roman fashion 2
Roman fashion 3
Roman fashion 4
Roman fashion 5
Roman fashion 6
photos by Eric

August 7, 2013

Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners: Part 2

The first time I did a post like this was back in May 2012. It has been over a year and Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners is still my most popular post. Therefor I have decided to add on and make picking/buying makeup for beginners even easier. Remember all products shown/mention have been used and tested by me, giving you my 100% honest suggestions.

Makeup starter kit part 2

Products I Think You Should add to your collection:

Face Primer: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer is amazing. I use it when i need to wear makeup for a long time or take photos for this here blog. It gives me a nice smooth finish that helps my makeup look for even and flawless. The best thing is that its a drugstore product but the negative is you can only git it at Walmart.

Eyelid Primer: ELF or eyes lips face eye primer will always be one of my favorites and a go to. But i have found and been loving NYX Eyeshadow Base in 03.It suppose to make your eyeshadow hold, intensify and last longer and all of that is what this product does. Its only a few more dollars then the ELF one you can buy it at Ulta.

Pressed Powder:  I still stand strongly behind the FITme! Line and there face powder is still one i use everyday. But testing out others Revlon Nearly Naked comes next. I really does look like you have no powder on but it covers up flows. I am in 040 Medium/Deep (I could go one shade up) but i like to put this powder on then go over my face with the FITme! Powder.  

Eye Shadow: This is going to be a splurge, but a good one. Urban Decay Naked Pallet is by far a must and since you are a beginner i bet you love our neutral looks. But but don't be shy you are not the only one. This pallet is  $50 but you do get 12 eye shadows, eyeshadow brush and a eyelid primer... THAT'S MONEY WELL SPENT!!! I find myself going to this pallet more than any eye shadows or pallets I own.

Eye Liner: Loreal Paris Carbon Black pencil perfect eyeliners are the best very black eyeliner pencils i have tried.They are a little pricey but the liner last a very long time on the eye and it extreme dark. so therefor its a winner in my book.

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in lots of lashes very black. CLASSIC!

Blush: ELF or eyes lips face blush in Pink Passion speaks for its self. Its a really bright pink that can been light or bright depending on how much you apply. This is the only blush i have tested out from there $3 line. But don't worry I will be trying out more.


  • Liner: I refuse to spend hella money on a lip liner but i do wont a good working one. So NYX to the rescue. 856 Sand Pink is my most used lip liner. Mainly because i wear a lot of pink lip sticks. It glides on nicely and the color is rich. You can but this liner at Ulta and it reasonably priced/
  • Lip Stick: Revlon never fails me when it comes to lip products. I clearly have a obsession for how amazing there lipsticks are. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, then you know Wink For Pink (with a Creme finish) is my favorite lipstick. No joking is a must buy!
  • Lip Gloss: If you been looking for a REAL lip gloss meaning no flavor, no color and not sticky than i have found one for you! Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in 565c Cotton Candy is the perfect gloss for over your favorite lipstick or on its own. You will just get the shine without the sticky color changing mess.

  • Makeup Brushes: I have found, loved and use a 13 piece makeup brush set with case. This is my second set because after a year i think it will be time to buy a new one. I have a whole video on it and a link on my YouTube page so {CLICK HERE}
  • Makeup Remover: I don't know where i have been when it comes to these makeup cleaning towelette. I must have been in another world because they are my new must have. Neutrogena makeup remover cleaning towelettes (the blue pack). They get off all of my makeup even my waterproof mascara. 

August 3, 2013


The Top 20 Songs I'm Loving


-Iggy Azalea

- Wale ft. Rihanna

"Grown Up"
- Danny Brown

"Marilyn Monroe"
-Nicki Minaj

"I Knew You Were Trouble"
- Taylor Swift


-The Saturdays

"I Need A Dollar"
- Aloe Blacc

"Young and Beautiful"
-Lana Del Rey


-Mariah Carey ft. Miguel
-Cassie ft. Wiz Khalifa

-Rick Ross

"Want U Back"
-Cher Lloyd ft. Astro

"Youths Dem Cold"
-Richie Spice

"I See The Light"
-Mandy More & Zachary Levi

"Same Love"
-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

"Hell & Back"
-Kid Ink

-Demi Lovato

"I Don't Like"
-Kanye West

"Power Trip"

-J. Cole ft. Miguel

August 2, 2013

New MAC Lippies

This past weekend was my first time going to a MAC counter to actually buy something. If you know me then you know I'm a really big drugstore makeup buyer. But don't get me wrong I will splurge here and there on higher end makeup (ex. Urban Decay). I just like to get more for my buck and be able to try out more products at once. But I had to get/ have MACs Candy Yum-Yum. I have been staring at that lipstick for months now and being on Instagram and YouTube has not been helping. So with all that being said here are the two items I picked up at MAC.
  • MAC Candy Yum-Yum (Matte Lipstick $15)
I am sooo happy that I picked this lipstick up. It's just like or even better than I thought. It's very matte and bright but if you don't like that at least go into a MAC store or counter and try this lipstick out. I'm telling you, you will love it. From what I have seen it looks great on a variate of skin tones and even in pictures.
(This lipstick will be worn in an upcoming post, so stay toon)
  • MAC Forever Rose (Pro Longwear Lipglass $20)
Since I was buying a lipstick I wanted a lipgloss too, even though Candy Yum-Yum doesn't need one. So I asked the MAC lady which one she recommends and she said Forever Rose ( as her second pick because they sold out of Love Love). But I am so pleased with her pick. This lip color looks great on my skin tone and last really long like MAC said. It's also a color the boyfriend loves on me, so it's a real winner!
( this Lipglass was worn in post "Classic Country Living" )
( If you would like to see a post on lipsticks boyfriend loves, let me know )