25 Facts About Me

1. The Bay Area has been my home my whole life
2. That being said I never see myself leaving
3. My favorite movies are Clueless, Glitter, Princess and the Frog & Despicable Me 1 and 2
4. I LOVE Potatoes
5. My long time nickname is Cora
6. I went to college for Fashion Design... then dropped out!
7. I am plus size
8. Aldo has became my new favorite store
9. I have two younger sisters
10. Hip Hop and Reggae are my favorite types of music.
11. I know mostly every Disney musical song
12. I have been an Apple person my whole life
13. I am very shy! But once i get to know you that will change
14. Art was my favorite subject in school
15. Hello Kitty is an obsession of mine
16. My faces is very expressive
17. I'm a Leo
18. I see my self as being a cartoon character
19. I'm a child at heart
20. Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream. Even though I'm lactose intolerant
21. I will always want to be this age
22. I love pink lipsticks
23. Is how old i am
24. I have soo many piercings
25. I was somewhat sheltered growing up. Even though I'm very street smart

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