Advice: How To Save MONEY

Saving money is a really big part of life. That is why your parents tried there best to teach you this skill at a young age. That is also why they gave you an allowance... (I never got one). But if your now at an age where you have a job and don't have any saving for your feature, take what I'm about to say to account. 
This is my way on how i save money. I have never had a money management class or anything like that... so lets begin!

1. Monthly Expenses
This is one of the most important parts to saving money. You need to have a good idea on how much the important things cost like rent and water. So make a list of 3 catagories... i like to used House, Food, work and entertainment/extras.
  • Rent
  • water
  • electricity
  • trash
  • cable/Internet (this can also be an extra)
  • groceries
  •  transportation 
  • lunch (this can also be an extra)
Entertainment/ extras
  • movies
  • cable/Internet
  • work lunch
  • eating out 
  • shopping
So once you have you monthly expense's worked out, now you know how much money you really have.

2. Set a Savings Goal
I personal like to set a long time goal because a short time goal like a handbag, shoes, video game is an extra to me. $o set something like $500 the once you reach that move up another $500 so your goal is $1000. If you see savings as like a game your more likely to save so you can win.

3. Keep a record of how much you spend
This is very important to see what your spending your money on. Maybe make coffee at home instead of buying Starbucks everyday. This way when saving or extras come along you will have it
4. Save 
I like to put at the least 10% of my check in savings So lets say in 2 weeks i made 590.55. That mean 59.06 will be  put into savings. But at the end of the month (most people get paid 2 times a month) I would have saved 118.12 yesss!
I hope this helped you out because this is what works for me. If you didn't get anything out of this just understand saving 10% of your check is a great way to save money.
PS: if you have a topic you would like me to cover, let me know in the comment section below or on my social media sites. Thank You!

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