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Back to school is right around the corner and for some of you it has already started. Therefore I have rounded up some of my favorite post to help you this school year. So get your notebooks out and a #2 pencil because its note taking time!

 1. Everyday Pop of Color

This is a Monday - Friday pop of color makeup post. Perfect for you with no time to spare in the mornings. Just add a pop of color and get going!

My top three picks to get you through the school year happily. From your backpack, binders and pens to even a puzzle.

Still not sure what your style is? Answer these 11 question (honestly) and you will find out more about yourself. Its great knowing what you like and what you don't like. But remember always be your true self.

 Keeping my makeup organized is a huge deal to me. In school or not staying organized makes everything less stressful. So take a look at how I organize my makeup. PS: you even get to see some products :)

 Know matter what grade you are in, if you wear makeup simple and natural is the way to go. Remember you are BEAUTIFUL! No need for a caked face.

Your backpack beauty bag is your at school survival kit. So here is a few things that i think should be in there. Even though looking back i forgot personal time products ;) .

The basics is the starting point for everything, even fashion/style. So here is a rundown of Wardrobe essentials you need to have.

So that has been everything. I hope you took great notes and lets have a wonderful school year. If there is anything i missed out or you would like me to do a post on let me know in the comment section below.

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