Blueberry Floral

Blueberry floral 1
Shoes: Apple Bottoms "Blueberry Floral" from

I've been knowing about since High School. I have also been to the New York City store back in 2007. But after all these years this past weekend has been the very first time I placed an order on the site. That being said I have to say these Apple Bottom floral shoes has to be hands down my favorite from the two pairs I bought. I have always wanted floral shoes but could never find ones I really liked. (since I have big feet) But these are perfect! The print looks somewhat like a painting and they go with mostly every outfit I wear. They bring that pop to a dark outfit and they feel good on. I have worn these shoes 3 times now and two of those days were at work. Therefor with all that being said go get yourself a pair, I am very serve you will love them. <3

Blueberry floral 2
Blueberry floral 3
 photos by Eric

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