Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners: Part 2

The first time I did a post like this was back in May 2012. It has been over a year and Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners is still my most popular post. Therefor I have decided to add on and make picking/buying makeup for beginners even easier. Remember all products shown/mention have been used and tested by me, giving you my 100% honest suggestions.

Makeup starter kit part 2

Products I Think You Should add to your collection:

Face Primer: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer is amazing. I use it when i need to wear makeup for a long time or take photos for this here blog. It gives me a nice smooth finish that helps my makeup look for even and flawless. The best thing is that its a drugstore product but the negative is you can only git it at Walmart.

Eyelid Primer: ELF or eyes lips face eye primer will always be one of my favorites and a go to. But i have found and been loving NYX Eyeshadow Base in 03.It suppose to make your eyeshadow hold, intensify and last longer and all of that is what this product does. Its only a few more dollars then the ELF one you can buy it at Ulta.

Pressed Powder:  I still stand strongly behind the FITme! Line and there face powder is still one i use everyday. But testing out others Revlon Nearly Naked comes next. I really does look like you have no powder on but it covers up flows. I am in 040 Medium/Deep (I could go one shade up) but i like to put this powder on then go over my face with the FITme! Powder.  

Eye Shadow: This is going to be a splurge, but a good one. Urban Decay Naked Pallet is by far a must and since you are a beginner i bet you love our neutral looks. But but don't be shy you are not the only one. This pallet is  $50 but you do get 12 eye shadows, eyeshadow brush and a eyelid primer... THAT'S MONEY WELL SPENT!!! I find myself going to this pallet more than any eye shadows or pallets I own.

Eye Liner: Loreal Paris Carbon Black pencil perfect eyeliners are the best very black eyeliner pencils i have tried.They are a little pricey but the liner last a very long time on the eye and it extreme dark. so therefor its a winner in my book.

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in lots of lashes very black. CLASSIC!

Blush: ELF or eyes lips face blush in Pink Passion speaks for its self. Its a really bright pink that can been light or bright depending on how much you apply. This is the only blush i have tested out from there $3 line. But don't worry I will be trying out more.


  • Liner: I refuse to spend hella money on a lip liner but i do wont a good working one. So NYX to the rescue. 856 Sand Pink is my most used lip liner. Mainly because i wear a lot of pink lip sticks. It glides on nicely and the color is rich. You can but this liner at Ulta and it reasonably priced/
  • Lip Stick: Revlon never fails me when it comes to lip products. I clearly have a obsession for how amazing there lipsticks are. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, then you know Wink For Pink (with a Creme finish) is my favorite lipstick. No joking is a must buy!
  • Lip Gloss: If you been looking for a REAL lip gloss meaning no flavor, no color and not sticky than i have found one for you! Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in 565c Cotton Candy is the perfect gloss for over your favorite lipstick or on its own. You will just get the shine without the sticky color changing mess.

  • Makeup Brushes: I have found, loved and use a 13 piece makeup brush set with case. This is my second set because after a year i think it will be time to buy a new one. I have a whole video on it and a link on my YouTube page so {CLICK HERE}
  • Makeup Remover: I don't know where i have been when it comes to these makeup cleaning towelette. I must have been in another world because they are my new must have. Neutrogena makeup remover cleaning towelettes (the blue pack). They get off all of my makeup even my waterproof mascara. 

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