My Iphone 5 Case Collection

iPhone case collection

My love for phone cases has been around since i got a phone in the 8th grade. Its something about expressing your personal style that i cant get enough of. its also a great conversation starter. Anyways in this post i will be showing you my iPhone cases and telling you where i purchases them at. I hope you enjoy and if you have an iPhone let me know what cases you have.

1. Light Blue Polka Dot Rubber Skin Case
Polka dote case
 I purchases this cases off of Amazon (here). Its a really durable case and fits the phone well. Have been think of buying another in a different color.

  2. Nintendo Game Boy case in pink
Game boy case
I purchases this cases right after i bought my phone. I should have waited because it was $30 at a mall cart shop. Sooo over priced!. If you want one i suggest buying it off f Amazon. case

3. Peace & Love case
Peace and love case
 I purchased this case at Old Navy. it was on sale for 5 or 10$ (not really sure) but the cases is sooo hard to get off of your phone. I would not buy this again.

4. Fancy Owls
Owl case
 This was purchases off of amazon (here). It is such a cute and different case. (my boyfriend thinks this cases is ugly... LOL) It does have a front and back part.

5.  Bunny case with tail in pink
Bunny case
 This cases is sooo freaking cute. The tail is the only part that pisses me off since it doesn't stay on. But other than that i suggest getting this cases. I did buy this off of amazon.

6. Black with Gold Dots
Black with gold dots
 This cases was purchases at forever21. it has a great fit and its just my style. would buy from them again.

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