How To Look Slimmer in Photos


Hello everyone! So in this post I will be going over my 10 tips/tricks to looking slimmer in photos. I am a plus size person so looking just 5lbs slimmer is great in my eyes (since my weight does shift) . Remember this is just a guide and since i am not a model everything will not be perfect.

  1. Position Your Body- I do this in every photo because i don't want to look like a loss puppy or a deer in head lights. All you have to do is move your body other than straight. (like in the photos above)
  2. Stand up Straight- This will help you look tall and even out your weight. Also put one foot a tad bit in front of the other and with that foot in front put your weight on it. This will help with double chin and make your neck look longer.
  3. Don't Stand in Direct Sunlight- I admit i do this a lot and its so bad for the picture. Direct sunlight will have a cast shadow on you making your skin tone look uneven and in my case darker. Stand in a place where the sun can reflect off of.
  4. Arm Position: make sure to do something with your arms. (Exceptionally standing to the side) If you just have your harms hanging down it will come of looking bigger than it actually is. So put your hand on your hip or hold something.
  5. Keep Your Chin Up- Double chin is not cute on anyone in a photo. So make sure to keep your chin up or even poke your head out a little bit. There is also a trick i was taught and its moving your tongue to the top of your mouth. (it really works)
  6. Smile Naturally- This will help show a more natural beauty and no big hug cheeks. But if your like me and have natural big cheeks do the Tyre Banks "Smile with your eyes
  7. Engage with Personality- Personality is everything. The way your feeling stands out way more in photography. 
  8. Setting- When taking a picture in a chair set on the edge of the chair. This will make your legs look less big and your head look its normal size. Also set side ways and cross your ankles NOT your legs.
  9. Above angles- take pictures using above angles. Meaning have your photographer take photos of you standing taller than you (like on a chair or a higher step. This will also help with double chin and make you look slimmer.
  10. Clothes that Fit- Out of everything this is the most important part when it comes to fashion photos. Make sure your clothes fit well. Meaning get the right size it will actually help you look slimmer.
I hope this post helped you out. If you still need more examples or video explanation let me know.

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