Lets Play: The Sims 3 (part. 1)


When I'm not on here blogging about Fashion, beauty or Life I'm more than likely playing The Sims 3 on my computer. I have been obsessed with The Sims series since They were called The Sims on Play Station 2. Its my way of playing with life and being anyone i want to be (even if that means being a Kleptomaniac ;). So today I am bring to you a Lets Play in a kind of different way for now. Your probably wondering, "How does this play into fashion, beauty and life?" Well its actually all of that since fashion, beauty and life is in a nut shell the game. So lets get into the Lets Play!

Chanel Dobson 

Background Life:
Born on July 30, 1992 Chanel Dobson was an only child. Her parents Mrs. and Mr. Dobson were very wealthy and traveled the world for a living. Chanel got to see all the finner things in life but her favorite was the sea. But things went all glitter and gold in Chanel's life. While in her last year of high school her parents had to take a work trip to Egypt. They told her it would only take two weeks, so Chanel stayed back to finish high school. A week and a half had past and Chanel was super excited for her parents to be on there way back. But one night Chanel got the worst call she could every  imagine...her parents passed a way in a plain crash to never be seen again. Chanel graduated from high school, got her diploma and moved far away. She now lives in Sunset Valley.

Create-A-Sim Outfit Mode

Everyday Wear & Formal Wear

Sleepwear & Athletic Wear


Loves to Swim
Party Animal
Loves the Heat

Island Life


Young Adult

Current Funds: 
431 Simoleons 

Lives At:
72 Water Lily Lane
The Monoton- 1br,1ba

*PS: Will be looking for a way to record game play (only if you would like that)


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