Skullcandy Aviator IPhone 5 Case Review


Hello! So about 2 months ago I bought this Skullcandy IPhone 5 Case at target. I have never seen a skullcandy phone case before and didn't know they made them. I was very shock to find this one, since it is the same color and design of the headphones i want from Skullcandy. Therefore i had to have it. 
So in this review, I will cover these Points: Packaging, Product review (with Pros & Cons), and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :) 
Packaging: The packaging is nothing but eye catching. So if you are a sucker for packaging you will be drown to Skullcandy.  The brand name and logo is big front and center. The style of the case is also on the front and they tell you what model this case fits very simply. They also have a cut out in the packaging so you can fill how the case is (great for when its locked up on display) 
Product Review: This case is sturdy, bright and don't look any where near CHEAP! Once this case is on your phone everyone you encounter will want to know what case you have and where did you get it. This is one of Skullcandys strong points, they will also have you standing out with any of there products. Are you not sold yet? Well don't think putting your headset in or touching the lock key will be a problem because it wont. They left those parts open for easy mobility.

Pros: sturdy, will stand out in a crowd, has  branding in the write places, will protect your phone from light drops, has an anti glare around the camera rim

Cons: Can be a little hard to take off your phone

My Final Thoughts: I would recommend this case to anyone and would also buy another one again. For the price of $34USD it is worth every penny. If you every wanted a different stand out case, you have found your mack with the Skullcandy Aviator IPhone 5 Case.

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