FashionShyChild : January 2014

January 31, 2014

Cheetah Blaze

 Coat: Forever21+ | Top: Forever21+ | Jeans: Ross | Shoes: Target

This week has been nothing but Amazing Adventures! I'm a true home body and can get a lot done at home. But taking time away from home can help out too. So this day (meaning yesterday) we needed to go healthy food shopping for basically fruits and veggies. I haven't talked about it on here but i have been trying really hard to be healthy. I don't have any health problems and i want to keep it that way. Never think its to late for change because its never to late. Be the person you want to be and shine <3... See you tomorrow with my Beauty Weekend post (Yes! its back kidz)
photos by Eric

January 29, 2014

Few Hours in West Oakland

Yesterday consisted of a few hours in West Oakland. I had a doctors appointment and we thought might as well make the best out of this trip. So here are some highlights which include Graffiti mail boxes and walls, Carl's Jr. and us. PS: Beauty is right in your back yard :)

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
photos by Eric & I

January 25, 2014

Ipsy Bag Opening: January 2014

This is the Ipsy January 2014 glam bag. I will be showing you everything i received. I you are not subscribed to ipsy, you can sign up here Its only $10 a month

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January 21, 2014

Influenster #VioletVoxBox Review


This is a review on the #VioletVoxBox i received from Influenster. I have had and tested these products for over a month now (excepted the SoyJoy, i ate that the first day). Therefor i feel its right for me to give you guys my final thoughts on these products. All final thoughts are of my own and i am by know means affiliated with these brands. So in this review, I will cover these Points: Packaging, Product Review (with Pros & Cons), and Ratings. So lets get started and make sure to check out, its free to join . :) 
★= Poor
★★= Fair 
★★★= Good 
★★★★= Very Good 
★★★★★= Excellent 
{Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Masque}
Packaging: Big bold writing and images. It also has a nice color payoff. On the back side they do provide step by step picture instructions.

Product Review: I was super excited to test out this product. If you know me then you know that i love face mask and even have a favorite brand. But it has been hard trying to find a face mask i can call my new fave and sad to say this one is really not it! Taking the product out of the packaging was difficult and i felt like most of the product got all over my fingers before even putting the mask on my face. Once you finally get the mask out you have to unfold it... Making a long story short this is a messy product. I would have just been happy with product in a bag than having a face cut out mask.
Pro- nice packaging, easy to follow instructions, nice cold feeling
Cons- messy, drying to the face, hard to get out of packaging, smells really bad
Rating: ★ 1/5

 {Not Your Mothers clean freak refreshing dry shampoo}

Packaging: Clean and straight to the point
Product Review: I'm already a fan of the Not Your Mothers line for the Smooth Moves Frizz Control. But when i seen that this was a dry shampoo i was not really excited at all. But i had to try it and I'm happy i did. My hair can get over greasy and also smell like all the grease i put in it. Using this it really did suck up some oil and left my hair smelling AMAZING! I do wish it was in a cream form because I'm not a huge fan of air cans.
Pro: great smell, nice packaging, sticks to what it states
Cons: air can
Rating: ★ 3/5

 {Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in Kelp out}

Packaging: nice sleek bottle, big name, has to caps
Product Review: When i saw this color i told my self I'm never going to use this. The saying Never say Never is true. I love this color! I have also had this nail polish on my toes for a week and a half and have had no chipping. There is seriously nothing bad i can say about this nail polish. That is also the reason why i keep recommending it now.
Pro- great color, nice packaging, has two caps, bold print, last long
Rating: ★ 5/5

 {SoyJoy Fruit Bar in Dark Chocolate Cherry}

Packaging: easy to open, easy to read, nice display picture
Product Review: This is a great snack. I am also lactose intolerance and this didn't hurt my tummy at all. The bar itself does feel kind of dry and rubbery. I do recommend heating it up for 5-10 sec because that's when i tasted all of the flavors.
Pro: great taste, fulfilling snack, nice packaging
Cons: rubber feeling
Rating: ★ 4/5

 {Goody Athletique ouchless headwrap}

Packaging: can actually feel product, gets to the point, clean display
Product Review: I don't work out to the point that i need a head wrap but this is great for face mask and doing makeup. I have been wearing this head wrap when i clean my room and put a face mask on. It keeps my hair from getting wet and looks kind of stylish. This also didn't give me a headache when wearing for long periods of time. I only wish that it came thinner.
Pro: great color combo, not to tight, stylish
cons: wish it was thinner
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." 

January 20, 2014

10 College Wardrobe Essentials

Hello fellow shy kids! This post is going to get straight to the point on the 10 College Wardrobe Essentials. If you didn't know i was a college student not that long ago, but i never kept it a secret that i dropped out... read my 25 Facts About Me post! Going to college and attending 2 different schools that had different campuses and weather, i learned what to wear and what not too. If you would like a post on what not to wear let me know. Lets get started!
  1. Cardigans: I pretty much live in these, to the point i have a favorite one. In college or going to school in general the weather can change... especially in the class room! Its also helps you look more put together on those lazy days.
  2. Basic T-Shirts: These go with ANY  outfit and there more cheaper in price than a graphic tee. Have so white and black ones and you will be good to go. Its basically the top that needs no thinking
  3. Sneakers: Depending on the size of you campus, you would think me. Walking around a big campus will hurt your feet... trust me! I sometimes would have to run up and down stairs just to get to the next class on time and with a good seat. Even if you are on a small campus in those 3 hour classes it might be raining when you get out. So be prepared!
  4. Jacket: Depending on the day having a great jacket (with hood) will come in handy. But if you live in a climate that doesn't really snow, rain or get cold by any means a cardigan or hoodie will work just fine.
  5. Dark Wash Jeans: This is my preference and i love the way dark washed jeans work with every outfit.
  6. Large Book Bag: you can carry a backpack or purse depending on how much stuff you need to carry. For a backpack i highly suggest North Face. I own one and it has last me 3 years now. If  you carry a purse get a sturdy none expensive one. I used to see girls carrying Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags with books in it...ARE YOU CRAZY!!!
  7. Professional attire: Good for public speaking class and excepting awards.
  8. Beanie: I used to live in these. in a rush, put on a beanie. Bad hair day, put on a beanie. Lazy and hung over, put on a beanie...LMAO! Its that easy, buy a black, brown and grey.
  9. Hoodie: perfect for those windy days. Its also a good for when you just want to wear yoga pants and run out the door.
  10. Umbrella: Buy a small one and keep it in your bag.

January 16, 2014

Quirky Sequined Mustaches

Sweater: Forever21 (plus size) | Shorts: Forever21 (plus size) | Shoes: Nike | Tights: Forever21 (plus size) | Bag: Forever21 | Phone Case: Target | Lipstick: MAC Rebel

I did a post on this sweatshirt i bought at forever21 (here) and i decided to style it in a different way than usual. I'm a big believer in tying out new styles that i wouldn't normally think of / wear. So this new year you will be singing a little big of a change in me as i am growing up :). Also, make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube page! I put 1-3 videos up a week and when i hit 100 Subs on there i will put up a Whats on my IPhone video.

photos by Eric

January 14, 2014

Gwen Stefani for OPI

{photo from}

Looking though a InStyle magazine back in December, (yes! I'm subscribed to InStyle magazine) i came across a wonderful advertisement, that literally had me starring at the page for 15 min. That ad was for Gwen Stefani teaming up with OPI. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I was so happy and shocked at the same time. Happy because Gwen Stefani has been one of my favorites since the 90s No Doubt days and shocked because i would have though she come out with a lip stick collection before nail polish. But that being said i am still very happy. Lets get into the collection!

{photo from}

(left to right)
Hey Baby, I Sing In Color, Love.Angel.Music.Baby, 4 In The Morning, Push and Shove, In True Stefani Fashion, and Over & Over A-Gwen

This collection has different finishes ranging from Satin, Cream Gloss, Glitter and Chrome. When i look at these colors all lined up, its truly is Gwen. But i know you are wondering what colors i would pick from this collection, well here  it goes:
  1. Hey Baby
  2. I sing in color
  3. In true stefani fashion (top coat)
  4. Love.Angle.Music.Baby
I hope you enjoy my top 4 picks from the collection. Here are two nail polish art tutorials to try out!

January 13, 2014

Three Ways to Style: Sequined Mustache Sweatshirt


Forever21 has been having sales on there sale items. I decided to take advantage of this and get some pieces to add to my wardrobe. (can see haul here) One of the items i picked out is this Quirky Sequined Mustache Sweatshirt. I have worn this sweatshirt before and you would have seen if you follow me on Instagram. But this post is all about styling. Here are three styled looks i put together around this on sweatshirt. I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment down below telling me what style you like more :)
style one

Style Two

style three