10 College Wardrobe Essentials

Hello fellow shy kids! This post is going to get straight to the point on the 10 College Wardrobe Essentials. If you didn't know i was a college student not that long ago, but i never kept it a secret that i dropped out... read my 25 Facts About Me post! Going to college and attending 2 different schools that had different campuses and weather, i learned what to wear and what not too. If you would like a post on what not to wear let me know. Lets get started!
  1. Cardigans: I pretty much live in these, to the point i have a favorite one. In college or going to school in general the weather can change... especially in the class room! Its also helps you look more put together on those lazy days.
  2. Basic T-Shirts: These go with ANY  outfit and there more cheaper in price than a graphic tee. Have so white and black ones and you will be good to go. Its basically the top that needs no thinking
  3. Sneakers: Depending on the size of you campus, you would think me. Walking around a big campus will hurt your feet... trust me! I sometimes would have to run up and down stairs just to get to the next class on time and with a good seat. Even if you are on a small campus in those 3 hour classes it might be raining when you get out. So be prepared!
  4. Jacket: Depending on the day having a great jacket (with hood) will come in handy. But if you live in a climate that doesn't really snow, rain or get cold by any means a cardigan or hoodie will work just fine.
  5. Dark Wash Jeans: This is my preference and i love the way dark washed jeans work with every outfit.
  6. Large Book Bag: you can carry a backpack or purse depending on how much stuff you need to carry. For a backpack i highly suggest North Face. I own one and it has last me 3 years now. If  you carry a purse get a sturdy none expensive one. I used to see girls carrying Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags with books in it...ARE YOU CRAZY!!!
  7. Professional attire: Good for public speaking class and excepting awards.
  8. Beanie: I used to live in these. in a rush, put on a beanie. Bad hair day, put on a beanie. Lazy and hung over, put on a beanie...LMAO! Its that easy, buy a black, brown and grey.
  9. Hoodie: perfect for those windy days. Its also a good for when you just want to wear yoga pants and run out the door.
  10. Umbrella: Buy a small one and keep it in your bag.

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