Gwen Stefani for OPI

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Looking though a InStyle magazine back in December, (yes! I'm subscribed to InStyle magazine) i came across a wonderful advertisement, that literally had me starring at the page for 15 min. That ad was for Gwen Stefani teaming up with OPI. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I was so happy and shocked at the same time. Happy because Gwen Stefani has been one of my favorites since the 90s No Doubt days and shocked because i would have though she come out with a lip stick collection before nail polish. But that being said i am still very happy. Lets get into the collection!

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(left to right)
Hey Baby, I Sing In Color, Love.Angel.Music.Baby, 4 In The Morning, Push and Shove, In True Stefani Fashion, and Over & Over A-Gwen

This collection has different finishes ranging from Satin, Cream Gloss, Glitter and Chrome. When i look at these colors all lined up, its truly is Gwen. But i know you are wondering what colors i would pick from this collection, well here  it goes:
  1. Hey Baby
  2. I sing in color
  3. In true stefani fashion (top coat)
  4. Love.Angle.Music.Baby
I hope you enjoy my top 4 picks from the collection. Here are two nail polish art tutorials to try out!

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