Influenster #VioletVoxBox Review


This is a review on the #VioletVoxBox i received from Influenster. I have had and tested these products for over a month now (excepted the SoyJoy, i ate that the first day). Therefor i feel its right for me to give you guys my final thoughts on these products. All final thoughts are of my own and i am by know means affiliated with these brands. So in this review, I will cover these Points: Packaging, Product Review (with Pros & Cons), and Ratings. So lets get started and make sure to check out, its free to join . :) 
★= Poor
★★= Fair 
★★★= Good 
★★★★= Very Good 
★★★★★= Excellent 
{Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Masque}
Packaging: Big bold writing and images. It also has a nice color payoff. On the back side they do provide step by step picture instructions.

Product Review: I was super excited to test out this product. If you know me then you know that i love face mask and even have a favorite brand. But it has been hard trying to find a face mask i can call my new fave and sad to say this one is really not it! Taking the product out of the packaging was difficult and i felt like most of the product got all over my fingers before even putting the mask on my face. Once you finally get the mask out you have to unfold it... Making a long story short this is a messy product. I would have just been happy with product in a bag than having a face cut out mask.
Pro- nice packaging, easy to follow instructions, nice cold feeling
Cons- messy, drying to the face, hard to get out of packaging, smells really bad
Rating: ★ 1/5

 {Not Your Mothers clean freak refreshing dry shampoo}

Packaging: Clean and straight to the point
Product Review: I'm already a fan of the Not Your Mothers line for the Smooth Moves Frizz Control. But when i seen that this was a dry shampoo i was not really excited at all. But i had to try it and I'm happy i did. My hair can get over greasy and also smell like all the grease i put in it. Using this it really did suck up some oil and left my hair smelling AMAZING! I do wish it was in a cream form because I'm not a huge fan of air cans.
Pro: great smell, nice packaging, sticks to what it states
Cons: air can
Rating: ★ 3/5

 {Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in Kelp out}

Packaging: nice sleek bottle, big name, has to caps
Product Review: When i saw this color i told my self I'm never going to use this. The saying Never say Never is true. I love this color! I have also had this nail polish on my toes for a week and a half and have had no chipping. There is seriously nothing bad i can say about this nail polish. That is also the reason why i keep recommending it now.
Pro- great color, nice packaging, has two caps, bold print, last long
Rating: ★ 5/5

 {SoyJoy Fruit Bar in Dark Chocolate Cherry}

Packaging: easy to open, easy to read, nice display picture
Product Review: This is a great snack. I am also lactose intolerance and this didn't hurt my tummy at all. The bar itself does feel kind of dry and rubbery. I do recommend heating it up for 5-10 sec because that's when i tasted all of the flavors.
Pro: great taste, fulfilling snack, nice packaging
Cons: rubber feeling
Rating: ★ 4/5

 {Goody Athletique ouchless headwrap}

Packaging: can actually feel product, gets to the point, clean display
Product Review: I don't work out to the point that i need a head wrap but this is great for face mask and doing makeup. I have been wearing this head wrap when i clean my room and put a face mask on. It keeps my hair from getting wet and looks kind of stylish. This also didn't give me a headache when wearing for long periods of time. I only wish that it came thinner.
Pro: great color combo, not to tight, stylish
cons: wish it was thinner
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." 

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