10 Tips To Manage Stress


Hey fellow Shy Children! This is going to be my advice on how i manage stress. I am highly aware that everyone has different stress levels and emotions when it comes to stress. I am not a professional or have had any training to call or qualify myself as a therapist in any way. But i do believe reading and trying out my tips will at less get you in the right direction to a happy life.

Things to take into consideration before getting into the 10 tips. 
(i suggest you get out a pen and paper and make two columns for the two questions to come)
  • What in your life is causing you to stress?
  • What makes you happy in life?
Make sure you take your time answering these questions. Also answer them truthfully, Denial is only setting yourself back.
Now lets get into the 10 tips to make those stressful things happy things. Or in other words more manageable... lets get started!
  1. Make a schedule/ plan your days  I have a planner that i like to keep organized. I first write down on a piece of paper everything that needs to be done and everything that i would like to do.Then i take out my planner and turn to the month that we are in and i fill it out. I also like to color coordinate different topics. Staying organize can really eliminate a lot of the stress!
  2. Get lots of rest/ eat well  You know when you were a kid or in school and you parents and teaches always said, "Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep, to be well rested". Well it wasn't a joke! Getting the right amount of sleep will help you think and make better decisions. But you have to do one more thing to make it really work and that's eating right. Get all of your fruits and veggies.
  3. Eliminate!   Those so called friends or people that bring you down and make you feel less about yourself...Eliminate! The job you are working at and you are really not happy... Eliminate! (make sure you have another job first) Getting rid of stressful people for me has been the best thing i have ever done.
  4. Do what you love   For me this is blogging and making YouTube videos. I enjoy creating content and helping people out the best way i can.
  5. No the difference between caring and worrying   Yes, these are both ways of feeling/taking concern, but one is more intense. So caring is when you take an interest in something or someone and you want nothing but the best for them...So its positive. Now worrying is when you feel your going to get hurt... meaning negative. (I hope this made scenes)
  6. Be positive   I struggle with this a lot. Only because i trained myself at a young age that being negative and not wishing/waiting for the positive wont make me feel sad when the negative happens. This is a horrible way to live but it goes alone the lines of eliminating. So i try to tell myself everyday that," today will be the best day i will ever have".
  7. Don't excepted extras   This basically mean learning how to say "NO"! If you know your schedule is packed or already feel uneasy turn that extra down. Don't take on more than you can handle.
  8. Talk yourself through it   basically this is planing in your head or out loud. Once you come up with the plane, try it out. If it doesn't work come up with another. Sometimes you just need to say it out loud and think about it and the best idea will hit you.
  9. Try Tea   I use tea for a lot of different things and you wouldn't believe the great benefits tea has for you. So you can go to your local market and find a tea for stress but before doing that look at this article from the Dr. OZ website. He will walk you through all the different herbs.
  10. Ask for advice/ Get Help!  If there is a situation that is just really stressing you out and you really cant figure it out. Ask for help! There is someone or people who love you and really want the best for you. You can always ask me on my social networks or by email. But if you feel like you are going to harm yourself in any shape or form Get Help! There are a lot of hot lines you can call or even going to your doctor to get treated.
I hope these tips help you. If there is something in here you would like more advice on let me know. I would be more than happy to do a whole post for you. See you in my next post! <3

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