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So if you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge fan and a addicted shopper at Forever21. So when i heard they were going to have there own makeup line i said, "I thought they already did! Isn't Love & Beauty there line?!" Well i guess not, or maybe it wasn't up to there standards. We will never know!

On the website inside the product description stats:
  • Made by designer cosmetic brands, Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics, feature quality, high-end ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Imported

Okay great! But what does "Imported" mean? It would be nice to know what country these products came or were made in.I do have to say i am not a newbie when it comes to buying makeup at forever21. So i do have some knowledge on how products used to work. But this line has WAY MORE. Ranging from face stuff like foundation, powder, primer and luminizer. There is also eye shadows, lipstick/gloss and even makeup brushesWhile going though the new premium cosmetics online there was some products i wanted to test out. But i do have to say, i wasn't expecting these products to be so high. Like $14.80USD for a foundation... REALLLY! That is more than drugstore. So if the price was on your mind too, here is my list of products i want :)... P.S.: The price is still HIGH!Forever21 Premium Cosmetics FACE MAKEUP:Blotting powder compact $12.80Concealer stick $10.80BLUSHES:  Date night $9.80EYE MAKEUP:Eyebrow kit in Dark $10.80 Sangria eyeshadow $7.80 Cappuccino $7.80 LIPSTICK & LIP GLOSSI would want every color in this section! If i do get a chance to test out any of these products i will let you guys know. So see you in my next post :) 

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