5 Spring Nail Polishes

Spring polish

During the Spring and Summer seasons is when you will find me wearing, bright colored nails. It is also the only time my nails are more of a focal accessory; Since I'm not wearing an out there bright lip. I tend to stick with colors i feel more comfortable with, like pinks and light blues. But i have been venturing out! This green polish by Sally Hansen is a color i though i could never pull off. But here to come find out, it look really flattering on me. So this Spring season when your out buying new polishes to mach your swim suit or those new cute sandals you just bought, get a color you wouldn't usually wear. But if your still having a hard time deciding, I'm always here to help ! Here are my Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes:
  1. Essie "muchi, muchi"
  2. Color Club "warhol"
  3. Essie "turquoise & caicos"
  4. Sally Hansen Triple Shine "kelp out"
  5. Essie "splash of grenadine"
PS: Don't forget that GLITTER!

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