My Love for Organix

I have been using Organix Shampoo and Conditioner for more than 3 years now. So you can say I'm a loyal customer. But within that time period i still haven't tried all of there Shampoos and Conditioners. Mainly because i have been repurchasing the same ones like Argan Oil of Morocco, Coconut Milk and Awapuhi Ginger over and over again. So i went on there site to get a close up look of others i have yet to try. That leads me to this post, here are 5 Organix Shampoos and Conditioners I would love to try next :)

  1. Coconut Water  (Shampoo | Conditioner)
  2. Kukui Oil   (Shampoo | Conditioner)
  3. Keration Oil  (Shampoo | Conditioner)
  4. Cherry Blossom Ginseng  (Shampoo | Conditioner)
  5. Teatree Mint  (Shampoo | Conditioner)
Here is Organix FAQ page if you would like to learn more!

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