One Day Without Shoes

Top: Forever21+ | Jeans: Forever21+ | Jewlery: Aldo, & Forever21 | Sunglasses: (garage sale find) Nail Polish: Color Club in Warhol

 If you didn't know or forgot, today is the annual awareness day of One Day Without Shoes. Its the day that we don't wear any shoes at all, to bring awareness for children's health and education. Participating in this global awareness day really means a lot to me! Mainly because i could have been ones of those children or you could have been one of those children without a pair of shoes to walk in. Since today is the end of the day, (that i am writing and putting this post up) i can tell you... Today was not EASY!!! I had to watch out for everything on the ground, I even almost stepped in glass. But i am Very GRATEFUL, for the place i live and the shoes i have. Count your blessings <3
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photos by Eric

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