Swim Wear For Us

Its that time of year again! When you dread to look for a swim suit. You might be asking yourself, "What store should i go to?", "Do they even have cute swim wear?", "What if they dont carry my size?"... Well guess what, i am in the same boat you are in. Meaning i am plus size myself! I know looking for a bathing suit can be hard and embarrassing. That is why i went online and checked out all of the stores i would buy a swim suit at. I also picked out four swim pieces from each store that i know you would LOVE. So go ahead, check them out! :) 

Bathing suits for us #1
  1. Jet Set Fringe (here)
  2. Bold Cutout Bikini Set (here)
  3. Mod Moment Strapless (here)
  4. Pineapple Heaven (here)

Bathing suits for us #2
  1. Striped Natural Support One Piece (here)
  2. Tropical Print Drape Front (here)
  3. Peek-A-Boo Striped (here
  4. Ditsy Floral Peek-A-Boo (here)

Bathing suits for us #3

  1. Beach Blanket Bingo (here)
  2. Sashay To Sea (here)
  3. Rainbow Galaxy (here)
  4. Pewter (here)
Bathing suits for us #4
  1. Studded One Piece (here)
  2. Contrast Trim (here
  3. Ruffle top & Bottom (here)
  4. Tiered Ruffle Tankini (here)

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