The Transition {Moving}

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 I thought i would share some news with you all pertaining my living situation. For the past month now (exactly one month) I have known that i would be moving. I didn't want to tell you all sooner because I'm not sure yet on the exact month/day. But it has been kind of stressing me out, only because of the destination. If you read my FAQ, one of the questions is "Where are you from"? I am from San Fransisco,CA. The next question is, "Were do you live now"? I stay in Oakland,CA now. Therefore all i have really know of, is the Bay Area. The culture and views has made me the free spirited person i am today. I always told myself i would never leave The Bay. But i guess that is why they say, "Never say Never". So i guess you are wondering, "were i am moving too"?. Well the decision has came to be Stockton,CA! Yes! part of Central Valley. I don't know what i am going to do with myself because the town and its culture looks really different than what i am used too. But to get to the moral of this news is, I will be moving and its the journey that counts not the destination. I am sure i will meet great people and discover new friendships. I will always be true to who i am and have the Bay Area in my heart. But if everything fails, i will always have you all. My best friends for life!

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