Berry and Gold Sandals

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Last week i talked about sandals and did a whole post about it called, "Sandal Weather". (to get you all ready for summer of course) In that post i also told you all a little story about my shoe size and how i buy a pair of sandals from Torrid every year. Well here is my pair of sandals for this year!

I bought these sandals on during there winter sale last year. At he time it was definitely not sandal weather and i would have no place to wear them too... (so i decided to save them in my closet). Months have went by and like any girl i forgot they were even there. But since i have been cleaning out my closet to move, these lovely baby's have seen day light again.

So my question to you is, "What sandals are you going to be wearing this summer?" Leave your answer in the comment section and also used hash tag #TLKwithCort to ask me anything <3

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